JADS Alumni Board

JADS Alumni Board Members

Agis Georgiou (Alumnus Master Program)

I Graduated from the MSc ``Data Science & Entrepreneurship" in 2019. I'm currently the Data Analytics lead @ Prosperty, a proptech (property tech) company headquartered in Athens, Greece.

Jasper Lanters (Alumnus Master Program)

Last year I graduated from JADS and currently I am doing some project-based data jobs and am learning about biomechanics. During my studies I always enjoyed being involved by organizing events and participating in the colloquiums organized by the JADS. I think that the Alumni Board is a great way to combine the two and together we'll serve alumni awesome data-related events. Ow and in my free time I spend considerable time on ultra running and climbing.

Frits de Raad (Alumnus Professional Education)

I very much enjoyed participating in the JADS Data Expert Program 2, class 2018. With this I complemented my business management experience with knowledge of the beautiful data science profession. Upon completion I founded my own company, Data-Counsel, with which I now help my customers to get more value from their data and to transform their organizations accordingly. Next to this I remained active at JADS as a practitioner for the new participants in the DEP program.

Sven van Egmond (Alumnus Professional Education)

Sven van Egmond: nice to meet you, if we have not already. I'm a former student from the DEP program. Currently working as a Data Lead for DPG Media and typically skilled as an analytics translator. I enjoyed every minute at JADS and still do so more than happy to contribute to the Alumni program.

Lennart Damen (Alumnus PDEng Program)

Hii! I'm Lennart, 25 years, born in Groningen but raised in beautiful Brabant. I graduated in September 2020 from the PDEng. Data Science. I still cherish the friends and memories JADS left me, happy to be part of the alumni community!

Ben Smits (Alumnus Master Porgram)

I'm 25 years old. I did the master data science and entrepreneurship at JADS. I graduated in the summer of 2020. After my graduation I went looking for a job and discovered my passion for kitesurfing. I have been practicing a lot until I found a job at TNO. I started here in February with the traineeship. Besides the traineeship I will be part of the alumni comittee of JADS and be organizing the annual alumni event.

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