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JADS is powered by the business expertise of Tilburg University and technical data science from Eindhoven University of Technology, combined in a unique program.

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Making data personal 

True organizational impact arises from an approach tailored to your specific business context & sector. We give you the tools, mindset and skills to take effective action.

Supportive community 

Data science is a team effort. Our community of practitioners, alumni and teachers is there to help and inspire you – both during your stay at JADS and after. 

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The JADS experience

JADS is about more than learning skills. You will meet likeminded people, have the time of your life and build the basis for an exciting career. 

Being able to do your own project and study one day a week resulted in a really nice mix

“When I entered my new role at Roche where I had to make use of data, I wanted to expand my knowledge about data. When looking for education opportunities that can be combined with my work- and professional live, I found JADS.... Read more
Mariëlle Gallegos Ruiz Health Outcomes Data
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Mariëlle Gallegos Ruiz
Ingrid van Maurik

An immersive experience; specifically in the field of applications in healthcare.

“Recently I have been immersing myself at JADS – Jheronimus Academy of Data Science in the world of Data Science and specifically in the field of applications in healthcare. A challenging task next to a full-time job, on... Read more
Amsterdam UMC
Ingrid van Maurik Senior Researcher, Amsterdam UMC
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Ingrid van Maurik

Why the world is changing and how you can benefit from that, you'll learn at JADS

“I look back on a year in which I gained new insights, new knowledge, met a lot of new people and it made me understand the world better. Especially the world of Data Science. If you want to know why the world is changing and how you... Read more
Sven van Egmond Data Lead DPG Netwerk
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I was truly able to grow my internal credibility

“The perspective from the two universities (Eindhoven and Tilburg) was very valuable. Not only did I learn a lot about the technology, but also how to get people on board on your ideas about Data Science. For instance, through the... Read more
Michael Janus Software Engineer
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Hans Vlemminx

It is all pure passion and focus on Data Science

“I found it very special that you get a lecture at a location that is completely devoted to Data Science. The experience and quality would have been completely different if all kinds of other programs were taught. It is all pure... Read more
Hans Vlemminx Managing Consultant
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Hans Vlemminx

To spar about how to pioneer healthcare with data really appealed to me

“JADS is much more than just an educational institution; being able to spar with fellow participants about how to pioneer healthcare with data really appealed to me.” Read more
David Tom Managing Director
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Duration 7 months (Level 1)
1 year (Level 1 + 2)
Weekly workload 8 hrs (class) + 8 hrs (preparation and assignments)
Start date May 12, 2023

Parttime program for professionals

JADS Professional Education is a unique cooperation between TU/e & Tilburg University

JADS Professional Education provides the knowledge to leverage the power of Data Science, extract value from data and accelerate innovation in your organization. During our programs, you learn:

  • How to understand and gain insights from data
  • How data brings value and opportunities to your organization
  • How to encourage and implement the use of data in your organization
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A study program at JADS offers more than just academic knowledge. JADS Data Science for Professionals programs revolve around the application of knowledge to real life issues from your organization. You learn to see which data is available and how to use it, but you also become a ” teacher ”: you learn how to share the acquired knowledge within your own organization.

Why our participants and alumni think the JADS PE programs are unique:

Backed by two top class universities

The combination of knowledge and expertise from a technical university (TU/e) and a business university (Tilburg University): you learn to bridge the gap between IT and business, essential for the successful digital transformation of your organization.

Personal guidance

Personal and individual guidance by academically trained teachers and experienced experts. This helps you realize personal and organizational needs.

Access to the JADS community

The JADS community where scientists, researchers, lecturers, students, companies, professionals and start-ups come together to share knowledge and experience, also after graduation!

The JADS experience

A stimulating and dynamic learning environment with a touch of Brabant.

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