Data Week NL 2021

Data Week NL: 25-30 October 2021

The fourth edition of the Data Week will be held in Den Bosch from 25 to 30 October, 2021. With the Data Week NL we make visible the significance of data for societal challenges. During the annual Data Week NL we show everyone what data can mean for them, we inspire with developments based on data and let you experience the application of data. We show results of collaborations, give local, regional and national successes a stage and are a springboard for new initiatives. In addition, we give the responsible handling of data an important place. In short, we show that responsible application of meaningful data matters to everyone.

Founding partner

JADS is founding partner of the Data Week NL.JADS as partner will host a partner program at Mariënburg. For the complete program of Data Week NL, consult the Data Week NL website.

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