Foundation - Data Science for Business Managers

Duration 7 Weeks, 1 day a week
Weekly workload 8 hrs (class) + 4 hrs (preparation and assignments)
Start date November 10th, 2023
Tuition fee €3,950 VAT exempt

About the program

Would you like to be the professional responsible for translating your company’s data and analytics from a new point of view? Do you want to create winning strategies behind those numbers, imagining new possibilities for a business, and consider how your company could be scaled and maximized? This 7-day course (a total of 7 weeks) is for you! This course is targeted at professionals who want to learn predictive analytics, supervised and unsupervised learning theory, and their practical applications, becoming an Analytics Translator.

It is not required to master programming skills. We will work in a Python environment, but learning to code in Python is not part of the course.

  • Introductory program in data science for professionals, based on the dual perspectives of Eindhoven University of Technology and Tilburg University.
  • Participants can continue in the Data Science for Business Managers program: Level 1 (7 months – part-time) or Level 2 (1 year – part-time).
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What you'll learn


Orientation in data science, Big Data, new analytics and new business opportunities.


Predictive analytics, the theory of supervised and unsupervised learning, and their practical applications in a Python‐based analytics environment.


Apply machine learning in the data‐analytic workflow embodied by the CRISP‐ DM model.

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Practical information

  • Completed Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree and several years of work experience
  • Business professionals and managers eager to learn how to integrate data and analytics into their work.
  • Bridge between analytics teams and business (marketing, supply chain, manufacturing, strategy and management).
  • Ambition to grow in senior professional position, combining technical expertise with boundary-crossing skills in leadership, entrepreneurship, complex problem solving and critical thinking.
Participants receive a proof of participation
The Mariënburg, a former convent in the historical center of Den Bosch, is JADS’ home. It’s a welcoming, inspirational and atmospheric environment for life-long learning, with the former chapel functioning as the main auditorium, and the vast complex offering many surprising authentic details reminiscent of its former function. The Foundation Program will take place from November 10, 2023
  • Solid and hands-on understanding of machine learning and data engineering. You will understand the various types of algorithms, how they are trained, and how they are implemented in a modern data infrastructure
  • Practical data entrepreneurship. You will know the value that Big Data and analytics could bring to the organization, and master the skills to translate business goals to data-science questions. You will have a sound understanding of typical applications of data science in your field.
  • CRISP-DM project management. You will master the skill to define a good data-science project and translate the work into a logical structure of tasks. You will understand the different roles of data engineers, data analysts, domain experts, and what you should expect from them.

We believe in Data Scientists being T-shaped professionals

The T shape visualizes the idea that a successful career is based on the combination of deep technical expertise (the vertical bar) and wide and broad boundary-crossing skills (the horizontal bar).

Data scientists master the technical skills of data engineering, and know how to use data-warehouses, build a data pipeline and access Big Data cloud solutions. They have the analytical skills of machine learning, and can translate a business opportunity into a data-science problem, apply the data-analytic workflow to develop a model, and test and implement it in a Python environment.

Data scientists are also business savvy, understand how business models and strategies work, are able to manage data-science projects delivering results, and in general, know what it takes to get things done in large and complex organizations.



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Take the leap and start your Data Science journey.

Learn to see which data is available and how to use it, but also learn to share the acquired knowledge within your own organization. Take the next step in your personal development.

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