Data Science for Business Managers

Duration 7 months (Level 1)
7 months (Level 2)
Weekly workload 8 hrs (class) + 8 hrs (preparation and assignments)
Start date November 10th, 2023
Tuition fee €9,950 (Level 1)
€18,950 (Level 2)

For professionals who, despite not having a background in technology, want to learn and understand how big data, machine learning, and analytics influence their fields. Interested in becoming an Analytics Translator? This program helps business managers achieve this goal by developing their potential to be those who promote the connection between analytics and business needs.

Become an Analytics Translator


Understand the opportunities and practical applications of data science in your industry (Health, Government & Public sector, AI for Industry and Professional Services).

Social-Vakmanschap bij Merford - project management


Develop a completed data science project in your own organization with cost-saving or efficiency value for your company. Receive a perspective and expert coaching on the development of your organization’s data ambitions.


Learn data entrepreneurship, knowing the value that big data, machine learning, and data analytics could bring to the organization. Master the skills to translate business goals to data-science questions.

Ingrid van Maurik

An immersive experience; specifically in the field of applications in healthcare.

“Recently I have been immersing myself at JADS – Jheronimus Academy of Data Science in the world of Data Science and specifically in the field of applications in healthcare. A challenging task next to a full-time job, on... Read more
Amsterdam UMC
Ingrid van Maurik Senior Researcher, Amsterdam UMC
Background Pattern
Ingrid van Maurik

Program levels

Foundation - 2 months

Introduction to data science and machine learning. First insight into how to execute a CRISP‐DM project.

Level 1 - 7 months (incl. Foundation)

In-depth learning about data analytics, data engineering, and data entrepreneurship with a complex data group project and electives designed for you:
- Health
- Public
- Industry
- Professional Services
- Mobility.

Upon completion of this level, you become a Certified Analytics Translator.

Level 2 - 7 months

Adds a selected amount of deep dives and electives, a 2-day bootcamp and an in-company project supported by JADS educational staff.

Upon completion of this level, you become a Certified Lead Analytics Translator.

Talk to our teachers and discover your optimal development path.

What are the career perspectives for a professional with data science?

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More than just a data science program

Best of business & tech

JADS is powered by the business expertise of Tilburg University and technical data science from Eindhoven University of Technology, combined in a unique program.

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Making data personal

True organizational impact arises from an approach tailored to your specific business context & sector. We give you the tools, mindset and skills to take effective action.

Supportive community

We organize network events, inspirational talks and many other activities to engage our community of practitioners, alumni and teachers. The Community embodies our belief in the importance of life-long learning.

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Personal guidance

Personal and individual guidance by academically trained teachers and experienced experts. This helps you realize personal and organizational needs.


Take the leap and start your Data Science journey

Learn to see which data is available and how to use it, but also learn to share the acquired knowledge within your own organization. Take the next step in your personal development.

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