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Certificate program in data science for professionals:

  • Training as an all-round professional data scientist, capable of contributing technically in a data-science team, and also, understanding how data science is reshaping the professional domain and the business savvy to play a leading role in your organization’s data ambitions.
  • The program can be completed at 3 levels: 1-Discover, 2-Execute and 3-Lead
  • The program offers domain-specific specializations in 6 communities: Professional Services, Industry, Health, Supply-chain management, Energy, Government & Public Sector.
  • Emphasis on applying data science in hands-on challenges and real projects. The program offers support in executing and shaping data science in your own organization

Level 1: Discover | 7 weeks | € 3,950 euro

Introductory module, offering an orientation in the world of data science: How is data science reshaping your field? What will be the impact, and how can you get involved? Includes a five-day primer in machine learning, where you learn to code an end-to-end machine-learning pipeline.

JADS business & data science

Level 2: Execute | 7 months | € 9,950 euro

Certified Data Scientist.
Core program in data analytics, data engineering and data entrepreneurship, and community-specific modules on the impact and applications of data science in a specific domain. You will work on an elaborate and complex group project, and are trained and certified as and all-round, professional data scientist. Includes level 1: Discover.

JADS MKB Datalab

Level 3: Lead | 1 year | € 18,950 euro

Certified Lead Data Scientist.
Specialization in selected topics, and individual development of your data leadership skills. You will work on a project in your organization, supported by JADS experts, so the benefits are not only for you, but spin off to your organization’s data-science effort. You are coached into taking a leading role in the development of your organization’s data ambitions. Includes Level 1: Discover and Level 2: Execute.

Summerschool for Business professionals

This 5-day course is targeted at professionals and managers eager to learn how to integrate data and analytics into their work. The in depth data knowledge of Technical University of Eindhoven is combined with the business expertise of Tilburg University, combined in JADS.

Testimonials from Alumni

“I wanted to complement the successful completion of the Data Science for Professionals program at JADS with an internationally recognized Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) certificate from INFORMS. I succeeded. The JADS ‘Professional Education program turned out to be an excellent basis for obtaining this globally renowned certificate.”

Chris van Niekerk, Lead data scientist Digital Advertising, DPG Media

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JADS Community

Upon entering your program, you will be part of the JADS Community of companies, students, startups, professionals, NGOs and academic staff, who all have a passion for data science. We organize network events, inspirational talks and many other activities. It’s also a market for finding business partners and expert help for a data challenge. The Community embodies our belief in the importance of life-long learning.

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