Data Science for Professionals Level 2: Execute

Duration 7 Months
Weekly workload 8 hours (class) + 8 hours (preparation)
Start date 21th of May 2021
Tuition fee 9,950 VAT exempt

Execute: Become an all-round data-science professional

Data science is changing what organizations do … What will be the impact on your organization? And on your career? What opportunities does it create, and how to seize them?

Execute builds on the Discover (Level 1) module of the Data Science Program for Professionals, and is based on the dual perspectives of the universities of Eindhoven and Tilburg.

After completion, you are certified as a Certified Data Scientist.

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What you will do

The 7-month program builds on the foundation of Discover, and takes you to the level of an all-round data scientist

  • Level 1: Discover: introduction to data science, and foundational program in machine learning and data engineering. Theory of supervised and unsupervised learning, and their practical applications in a Python-based analytics environment.
  • Level 2: Execute Core program: You learn the foundations of data engineering, data analytics and data entrepreneurship. Lectures and workshops include visualization, deep learning, forecasting and privacy / data-protection law.
  • Level 2: Execute Community-specific programs: You learn specific applications of data science in the chosen community: Professional Services, Industry, Health, Supply-chain, Energy, Government & Public Sector. We discuss how the field is changing due to developments in Big Data and machine learning.
  • Level 2: Execute Professional skills: You learn to think strategically about new business concepts, including data-driven, disruptive business models. You also learn to be an effective project manager, who knows how to win support and get things done in a professional organization.
Detailed Execute curriculum

You walk away with

  1. Training as an all-round professional data scientist.
  2. Mastery of essential techniques in data analytics and data engineering, and hands-on experience applying theory in a complex and realistic data-science project.
  3. Capability to organize and technically contribute to a data-science team, and an understanding of the managerial challenges you face during a data-science project.
  4. Understanding of the opportunities and practical applications of data science in your specific community (Professional Services, Industry, Health, Supply-chain, Energy, Government & Public Sector)
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Things you will like

  • Challenge-based learning: teaching does not start from theory and technology, but from a real challenge, either for a business or society or personal. Taking a real challenge as a point of departure makes learning motivating, helps in getting your company or organization involved, and is a catalyst to achieving real impact.
  • The Mariënburg, a former convent in the historical center of Den Bosch, is JADS’s home. It’s a welcoming, inspirational and atmospheric environment for life-long learning, with the former chapel functioning as the main auditorium, and the vast complex offering many surprising authentic details reminiscent of its former function.

Do you fit the profile?

You have a HBO or WO degree and affinity with analytics and IT, and the ambition to learn basic programming skills. You have the ambition to grow in a more senior professional position, combining technical expertise with boundary-crossing skills in leadership, entrepreneurship, complex problem solving and critical thinking. You want to explore how you can contribute to implement a data driven approach to your organisation.

Data scientists are T-shaped professionals

The T shape visualizes the idea that a successful career is based on the combination of deep technical expertise (the vertical bar) and wide and broad boundary-crossing skills (the horizontal bar). JADS’s Professional Program trains T-shaped data scientists, who master the technical skills of data engineering and data analytics, and who are also business savvy, understand how business models and strategies work, are able to manage data-science projects delivering results, and in general, know what it takes to get things done in large and complex organizations.

The JADS Community

The JADS Community: upon entering your program, you will be part of the JADS Community of companies, students, startups, professionals, NGOs and academic staff, who all have a passion for data science. We organize network events, inspirational talks and many other activities. It’s also a market for finding business partners and expert help for a data challenge. The Community embodies our belief in the importance of life-long learning.

Teaching in Covid times …

We’ve created a welcoming and warm online teaching environment, which we use as long as the covid situation prevents classroom teaching. Instructors and teaching technologies are adjusted to online teaching. We miss the friendly and inspirational atmosphere of our historic campus, but the teaching effectiveness of online course matches that of classroom teaching!

JADS MKB Datalab

Move on to Level 3: Lead

Lead (Level 3) continues after Execute, offering further specialization in selected topics, and individual development of one’s leadership skills.

Participants of the Lead track are coached into taking a leading role in the development of their organizations’ data ambitions.

More about Lead

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