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Develop your career with data science

Develop your career with Data Science and discover new insights, to make better business decisions.

Data Science is all about discovering new insights in data, to make better decisions. Much data is already there: about your company, your processes, your customers, your environment. Why not use this data?

  • Data Science adds another view to your personal views.
  • Data Science challenges you and makes you sharper.
  • Data Science helps you to make better business decisions.

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Stay on top of the latest technologies

There are many developments in technologies for Data Science, so staying up to date with the latest techniques is vital if you want to play a key role in data science. The latest Data Science technologies in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Visualization and Recommender Systems, offer great support in analyzing data to find insights. Above all: machine and deep learning support the use of data and models for both human decision making, e.g. in recommender and decision support tools and in decision making by machines.

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Choose the right Data Science methodology

If you want to develop yourself in Data Science it is important to know how to discover, execute and lead a data project. For this you can use methodologies like CRISP-DM. Within CRISP-DM you can start with a dataset to find insights. But it is even better to start and end with decision making, and add business understanding, data understanding, data cleaning and modelling in between.

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Get educated

Education can play a vital role in developing yourself in Data Science. Education at JADS means:

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How others used Data Science

A Dutch bank, using the CRISP-DM methodology for data science, developed a machine learning model to analyze the total customer portfortfolio on risks and results during the Corona crisis. Based on the results, they developed new... Read more
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How others used Data Science

A Dutch group of education specialists used a data project to better analyze and predict the students’ progress. By using the CRISP-DM methodology, Learning Management System data and modelling, they found new performance and... Read more
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