Introduction to Data Science & AI

Duration 2 days
Total workload 16 hrs (class) + 0 hrs (preparation and assignments)
Course period 9 & 10 March 2023
Tuition fee €1,000 VAT exempt

Introduction to Data Science & AI

The Introduction to Data Science & AI program is targeted at professionals who want to develop a realistic image of the opportunities that data science & AI brings to organizations, and who are interested in learning about all the aspects that come into play when pursuing data science projects. Participants can continue in the Foundation Data Science for Business Managers or Foundation Data Science for Experts program.

You walk away with

  • A demystified understanding of data science, with a clear understanding of the terminology in this field and what the main applied techniques in this field actually (and simply) come down to.
  • The components that come into play when executing a data science project. Both from the perspective of the different phases that a data science project goes to, as well as from a business and ethical perspective.
  • Realistic expectations of on the one hand the tremendous opportunities that data science brings, as well as a clear picture of what it will not bring, making you better prepared to help your organization to think about realistic ways forward.

Do you fit the profile?

  • Completed Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree and several years of work experience
  • Ambition to grow into a position where you can think strategically about the use of data to generating value for your organization


Participants receive a proof of participation.

What you will do

  • During the two-day program, you will learn about data science, and the new forms of data, new analytics and new opportunities in this field. We discuss Big Data, predictive algorithms, machine learning and AI. We discuss typical applications, ranging from data science to make current processes and services more efficient, to new products with smart features, and data and analytics as a basis for new business models.
  • You will learn about types of data science projects that are and are not feasible, along with the typical red and green flags when considering the feasibility of potential data science projects.
  • We discuss data-analytic thinking and the CRISP-DM model for executing data science projects.
  • You will learn about the ethical aspects that need to be considered when pursuing data science projects.

Things you will like

  • The JADS Community: Upon entering the programs, you will be part of the JADS Community of companies, students, startups, professionals, NGOs and academic staff, who all have a passion for data science. We organize network events, inspirational talks and many other activities. It’s also a market for finding business partners and expert help for a data challenge. The Community embodies our belief in the importance of life-long learning.
  • The Mariënburg, a former convent in the historical center of Den Bosch, is JADS’ home. It’s a welcoming, inspirational and atmospheric environment for life-long learning, with the former chapel functioning as the main auditorium, and the vast complex offering many surprising authentic details reminiscent of its former function.
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