Data Science Execute Track for professionals

Duration 20 Weeks
Time 17 full days
Weekly time spent 16 hours
Start date 21th of May 2021
Tuition fee 9,950,- VAT exempt

Data Science in Health

Health organisations are gathering masses of data on a daily basis but struggle to get the most value out of it. Are you ready to make the digital transition by intelligent use of Data Science? Learn how to give better care through continuous access to the right information to support decisions.

Execute a data science project

The Health Track teaches you to execute a Data Science Project. The track touches on many different topics that are relevant for data scientists in the healthcare sector: personalized medicine, machine learning, deep learning and image analysis are covered, but also the ethical aspects of data use, the value of customer journey mapping and the importance of good communication and data visualisation. You will experience how to apply technical knowledge to your own relevant business issues and work on a group Data Science Project.

After completing this Track, you will receive an official JADS certificate signed by Tilburg University and TU/e and have the possibility to join the JADS Community or move on to the Data Science Lead Track.

Data Governance

What you will learn

  • Why business and data understanding are essential when applying Data Science in your own organisational context
  • What data engineering and data preparation contains
  • How to Execute your own Data Science challenges from beginning to end, using the CRISP-DM method
  • Apply insights hands-on to solve Data Science challenges; a Data Science Project forms the basis of these insights
  • How to understand data and create insights gathered from data solutions and all other available data sets
  • Which Professional skills you need to develop to successfully execute a Data Science Project

Other sectors you can specialize in

Data Science in Energy

Data Science Track focussed on the Energy sector.

Data Science in Industry

Data Science Track focussed on the Industry sector.

Data Science in Professional Services

Data Science Track focussed on the Professional Services sector.

Data Science in Public Services

Data Science Track focussed on the Public Services sector.

Data Science in Supply Chain Management

Data Science Track focussed on the Supply Chain Management sector.

The team you will learn from

Daniel Kapitan

Daniel Kapitan is a Data Science expert with over twenty years of work experience. His personal motivation is to make the “language” of data accessible to a wider audience. He is optimistic about the potential of machine learning for social issues, but at the same time sees the concerns that exist in society with regard to the safe, transparent and responsible use of data and machine learning.

Joran Lokkerbol

Joran Lokkerbol is a data scientist and director of Centre of Economic Evaluation & Machine learning at Trimbos. Furthermore has he specialised in machine learning at Harvard and MIT, and is active as a post-doc at the UMCG. Issues that interest him are optimization of the healthcare system, consultancy and the development of models. In recent years his main focus has been evaluating cost effectiveness of interventions in mental healthcare.

Ksenia Podoynitsyna

What others say about Professional Education

What a great place to study! I would recommend it

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After Execute: The Lead Track

This Track has been compiled to fit your personal and professional needs and combines Data Engineering, Data Analytics and Entrepreneurship to create Business Impact.

​After this Track you will have all the insights and professional skills you need to not only execute but also lead a Data Science Project within your own organisation.

More about the Lead track

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