PhD in AI for decision support in water desalination

PhD in AI for decision support in water desalination

PhD in Artificial Intelligence to support Sustainable Development Goals 6 (clean water) and 7 (clean energy) as part of the Innovation Lab for Utilities on Sustainable Technology and Renewable Energy (ILUSTRE) project, funded in a public private partnership by NWO/NLAIC and private partners.

JADS is seeking an enthusiastic colleague for the position of PhD researcher in decision support systems to accelerate the energy transition and the use of sustainable technology for water desalination, recycling and purification, as part of the ILUSTRE project that focusses on use-cases in the Caribbean region.

Job description

Job Description
Clean water and sanitation is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations. Reaching these goals in an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable way requires optimization and balancing of multiple decisions in a complex setting. For example, the recent trend to use renewable energy sources for desalination and wastewater treatment makes the decision process more complicated, due to the temporal variability of these sources. To deal with this complexity, AI systems that go beyond the current point solutions are needed, while also considering the broader perspective and a balanced interaction between the computerized systems and human experts, providing them with understandable explanations on the inner working of the AI system. The scientific challenge of this PhD project is to develop hybrid AI solutions that combine advanced prediction methods (e.g., deep learning algorithms), multi-objective optimization and adaptive models with explainable AI decision-making methods from computational intelligence to realize such a balance.

As the PhD working on this challenge, you will become part of the Computational Intelligence for Decision Support team at JADS and will collaborate with other PhDs working in the Data Analytics Unit.

ILUSTRE project
This position is linked to ILUSTRE, a new Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI) to be established in Curaçao. ILUSTRE will be a living lab in the Caribbean with the objective to develop, implement and test AI innovations that will accelerate the use of clean energy and advanced solutions in water treatment and wastewater recycling/purification. The innovation lab is one of the new ICAI labs that are part of the ROBUST program on Trustworthy AI-based Systems for Sustainable Growth which is financed under the NWO LTP funding scheme. ILUSTRE offers opportunities for PhD candidates who wish to support to the acceleration of the energy transition and who have an affinity with the Dutch Caribbean islands.

Job Requirements

Job description

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