Educating the next generation of Data Scientists

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Master's Program Data Science & Entrepreneurship

The Master Data Science & Entrepreneurship is a joint program by Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology. It combines Technical & Business Data Science Skills

Premaster Program Data Science & Entrepreneurship

We offer a Premaster data science Master's program at the Mariënburg Campus in ‘s- Hertogenbosch (JADS) for hbo students or WO students

Bachelor Data Science

Read all about the Bachelor Data Science.

PDEng Data Science

The Professional Doctorate in Engineering program Data Science is a two-year post-master's program. It qualifies students with an MSc degree in mathematics, statistic and computer science to become top-level professionals...

​Professional Education

At JADS we train you to be a T-shaped Professional. You will have both breadth in how to collaborate and innovate across disciplines as well as depth in specific areas of expertise...

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The JADS Experience

As a student of the Master Data science & Entrepreneurship, you become part of a unique community of like minded data entrepreneurs with the vibrant Marienburg campus at it’s centre.

We think all are important and – in one way or another – will help you define and shape the rest of your future career.
JADS Experience

JADS is ​educating the next generation of data scientists. Data science has never been this sexy before. Get onboard now!

JADS offers a number of data science programs at undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate level. Parallel in these program is the aim to develop so-called ‘T-Shaped’ data scientists and researchers, with strong skills and experience in one discipline and an essential understanding of many others. The vibrant heart of JADS is the Mariënburg Campus in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. You are welcome to visit our campus! Courses are also taught at the university campuses in Tilburg and Eindhoven.

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