Data Science and AI for professionals

Founding universities

Born out of a unique collaboration between Tilburg University (TiU) and Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) has been working since 2016 on creating tangible impact through data science education and research. We educate future data science professionals and equip them with excellent business skills.

Specialized Data Science & AI courses

At JADS, we are offering education with specialized Data Science & AI courses for professionals and organizations.

As data-driven technologies are playing an increasing pivotal role, we recognize what the need of the hour is. With the JADS PE programs we equip professionals with the necessary tools and insights to navigate the complexities of AI and data science successfully within their organizations. We facilitate bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and real-world application. The courses also prompt reflection on societal disruptions caused by rapid technological advancements. They foster a deeper understanding of the transformative power of Data Science & AI.

Our tailormade solutions for individuals and organizations

Data Engineering & Governance - 8 days and visit Lausanne

Data Science and Data Engineering complement each other and are indispensable for data-driven operations and governance. Organisations need to improve their data strategy, led by C-level management, to gain efficiencies and comply with regulations such as GDPR, CSRD(ESG) and NIS2.

Data Science & AI Essentials - 6 full days

As a professional in management, policymaking, or strategic consulting, navigate rapid societal changes by adapting processes, policies and practices using data insights and effective use of Data and AI . Broaden your knowledge to become an exceptional collaborator for both boardroom executives and technical specialists, enhancing organizational resilience.

Bootcamp Generative AI for professionals - 6 half days

Ready to explore Generative AI’s potential for your business? Our Professional Education team at JADS has developed a Bootcamp Generative AI for professionals. This will guide you through the latest developments and practical application in 6 sessions.

Incompany projects - customized

Transform your organization with our customized incompany Data Science & AI program, aligning seamlessly with your goals, budget, and schedule. Take charge of the learning journey, foster team dynamics, and enjoy cost savings with our flexible and cohesive training solution.

Driving business value with AI - 5 days + 1 afternoon

Discover how AI is transforming business strategies, data governance and leadership, and learn from leading organizations that have increased their business value through smart use of AI. This joint program with TIAS provides the tools and insights needed to seamlessly integrate AI and add value to your organization.


Digitization for Government - 10 meetings over a period of 6 months

In recent years, we have seen technological changes with increasing impact follow each other faster and faster. One major reason: datafication. Datafication is also a driver of major changes in central government. Data translators are needed to guide these changes in a sustainable way. Data translators are bridge builders who can link domain-oriented tasks and departmental goals to usable datasets and technologies.

Challenge Based Learning

In our innovative approach, inspired by Challenge Based Learning, students actively engage with the subject matter by tackling real challenges. We urge participants to address real-world problems. This method ensures a deep integration of knowledge, empowering professionals to apply their skills effectively. With open and in-company variants, our programs cater to diverse needs. Whether you’re an individual seeking skill enhancement or an organization aiming for success in the AI and data-driven landscape, JADS offers a dynamic catalyst for progress.

Be informed and inspired by experts who have been working on this for years

It is immensely valuable to immerse yourself in the world of (generative) AI during the Bootcamp at JADS. I got informed and inspired by experts who have been working on this for years (sometimes even decades!). It has given me a... Read more
Lianne Ringoir Klinisch data analist, Rijnstate Ziekenhuis Arnhem
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This approach helped me to avoid major investments and risks that later turn out to be unnecessary.

“A solid technical foundation and the entrepreneurial mindset on delivering business value made it perfect for me. Designing a better business by breaking down the bigger picture into multiple data science challenges that can be... Read more
Peter Siepel Founder Move78
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Hans Vlemminx

It is all pure passion and focus on Data Science

“I found it very special that you are given a lecture at a location that is really completely dedicated to Data Science. That would have been different when all kinds of different programs are given.  It is really pure passion... Read more
Hans Vlemminx Managing Consultant
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Hans Vlemminx

Why the world is changing and how you can benefit from that, you'll learn at JADS

“I look back on a year in which I gained new insights, new knowledge, met a lot of new people and it made me understand the world better. Especially the world of Data Science. If you want to know why the world is changing and how you... Read more
Sven van Egmond Data Lead DPG Netwerk
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Transform yourself and your organization

Start a transformative journey with our Data Science and AI expertise, tailored to meet the evolving needs of professionals. As these technologies play an increasingly pivotal role, our offerings are designed to cater to individuals keen on expanding their knowledge and know-how to assume a crucial translator role within their organizations.
At the end of the program they are able to understand and find value in the application of data science and AI to their processes, both from a technical and business point of view.

Adapting to change

As a proactive manager, policymaker, or strategic consultant, embrace the challenge of adapting to rapid societal changes. Shape policies with data-driven insights, preparing your organization for a future where Data and AI securely drive progress. Develop your professional expertise to become a dynamic sparring partner, seamlessly navigating both the boardroom and technical realms. Empower your role in this evolving landscape! Take the next step your step with our Bootcamp Generative AI, Data Science & AI Essentials or our custom made Incompany offerings:

We’re constantly innovating to bring you the latest learning methods and programs , catered to your needs, in the Netherlands. Stay connected to discover what’s next!

What we offer beyond data science

Best of business & tech

JADS is powered by the business expertise of Tilburg University and technical data science knowledge from Eindhoven University of Technology, combined in a unique program.

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Making data personal

True organizational impact arises from an approach tailored to your specific business context & sector. We give you the tools, mindset and skills to take effective action.

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Identification of knowledge needs

The PE programs address the knowledge gaps and the learning requirements for both organizations and professionals .

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Other Data Science & AI programs

EAISI Academy

Technical professional education programs


Advanced program Data & Analytics

Take the leap and start your Data Science & AI journey at JADS

Understand which data is available and how to use it, but also learn to share the acquired knowledge within your own organization. Take the next step in your personal development.


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