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Founding universities

Unique collaboration between TU/e and Tilburg University

JADS is a unique collaborative venture between Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and Tilburg University (TiU).
Together with EAISI, we educate you to become data science professionals with excellent business skills.

Make impact with Data Science

Big Data and analytics are changing the world rapidly. The new forms of data and new analytics change what businesses do and how they do it. This creates new business opportunities.

How to stay relevant as a professional? Get the required skills in these transformative times and learn how you can play a key role in bringing your organization to the next level of data maturity.

We offer a technical and analytics translator variant for professionals aiming to:

  • understand machine learning and algorithms
  • know the value of what Big Data and analytics could bring to the organization
  • grow in senior professional positions combining technical expertise with boundary-crossing skills in leadership, entrepreneurship, problem solving and critical thinking.


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1 passion translated to tailormade solutions for individuals and organizations

Bootcamp Generative AI for professionals

Ready to explore Generative AI’s potential for your business even further? Our Professional Education team at JADS has developed a Bootcamp Generative AI for professionals. This will guide you through the latest developments and practical application in 6 sessions.

Incompany programs - tailormade

Transform your organization with our customized incompany Data Science & AI program, aligning seamlessly with your goals, budget, and schedule. Take charge of the learning journey, foster team dynamics, and enjoy cost savings with our flexible and cohesive training solution.

Mastering Data & AI

Mastering Data & AI (MDAI) is a comprehensive professional education program, organized by EAISI Academy and JADS, and provides professionals with a solid grounding in the field of data, machine learning and AI such that they can obtain strategic autonomy in concepting and applying it within their own field of work.

The program opened many doors for me, including developing a new role in my company

“The combination of theory and working on real cases is very valuable. It is a broad program in which you not only learn about technology itself, but also about managing a Data Science project from A to Z. The knowledge obtained... Read more
Luuk Jans Business Intelligence Consultant, AAG
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This approach helped me to avoid major investments and risks that later turn out to be unnecessary.

“A solid technical foundation and the entrepreneurial mindset on delivering business value made it perfect for me. Designing a better business by breaking down the bigger picture into multiple data science challenges that can be... Read more
Peter Siepel Founder Move78
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Ingrid van Maurik

An immersive experience; specifically in the field of applications in healthcare.

“Recently I have been immersing myself at JADS – Jheronimus Academy of Data Science in the world of Data Science and specifically in the field of applications in healthcare. A challenging task next to a full-time job, on... Read more
Amsterdam UMC
Ingrid van Maurik Senior Researcher, Amsterdam UMC
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Ingrid van Maurik

Why the world is changing and how you can benefit from that, you'll learn at JADS

“I look back on a year in which I gained new insights, new knowledge, met a lot of new people and it made me understand the world better. Especially the world of Data Science. If you want to know why the world is changing and how you... Read more
Sven van Egmond Data Lead DPG Netwerk
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I was truly able to grow my internal credibility

“The perspective from the two universities (Eindhoven and Tilburg) was very valuable. Not only did I learn a lot about the technology, but also how to get people on board on your ideas about Data Science. For instance, through the... Read more
Michael Janus Software engineer
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Hans Vlemminx

It is all pure passion and focus on Data Science

“I found it very special that you are given a lecture at a location that is really completely dedicated to Data Science. That would have been different when all kinds of different programs are given.  It is really pure passion... Read more
Hans Vlemminx Managing Consultant
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Hans Vlemminx

To spar about how to pioneer healthcare with data really appealed to me

“JADS is much more than just an educational institution; being able to spar with fellow participants about how to pioneer healthcare with data really appealed to me.” Read more
David Tom Managing Director
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I was able to quickly develop new data models that allowed us to advise clients better

“Making an impact with data was really central throughout. You learn to not only look at which data is available and what you can do with it, but there is always a focus on the fact that you are only successful with a data... Read more
Rob van den Biggelaar Manager Sector Banking
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What we offer beyond data science

Best of business & tech

JADS is powered by the business expertise of Tilburg University and technical data science from Eindhoven University of Technology, combined in a unique program.

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Making data personal

True organizational impact arises from an approach tailored to your specific business context & sector. We give you the tools, mindset and skills to take effective action.

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Supportive community 

We organize network events, inspirational talks and many other activities to engage our community of practitioners, alumni and teachers. The Community embodies our belief in the importance of life-long learning.

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Personal guidance

Personal and individual guidance by academically trained teachers and experienced experts. This helps you realize personal and organizational needs.

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Talk to our teachers and discover your optimal development path.


Take the leap and start your (customized) Data Science journey

Learn to see which data is available and how to use it, but also learn to share the acquired knowledge within your own organization. Take the next step in your personal development.


Customized programs

We of course offer the possibility to create customized programs for you and your team. Please contact us for more information about these possibilities:

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