Bootcamp Generative AI for professionals

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Duration 6 weeks
4 hour per week Bootcamp
Time 16.00 - 20.00
Start date 7 November 2024
Course language English
Location JADS Campus, 's-Hertogenbosch
Tuition fee € 1.500

Learn the basics of generative AI with 6 comprehensive, easy and accessible sessions

Generative AI refers to artificial intelligence systems that are capable of producing original content like images, text, or music without direct replication from existing data. These systems are designed to learn patterns and trends from extensive datasets during training to generate innovative outputs. It has applications in multiple industries. Learning more about generative AI is essential to be able to harness the potential of AI-driven creativity, leading to innovation, efficiency, and new opportunities in various domains.

With our Generative AI Bootcamp you will learn to:

  1. Recognize new business opportunities by deploying Generative AI
  2. Understand the principles of Generative AI and recognize the business benefits and limitations of AI
  3. Learn to speak the language of your technical colleagues such as data scientists and engineers
  4. Get the latest scientific insights in a short time frame.

Six comprehensive, easy and accessible sessions especially built for:

  • Chief Information Officers, Chief Data Officers and Chief Digital Officers
  • Managers in all functions seeking to use AI and big data
  • Project managers leading AI and big data projects
  • Innovation managers, tech entrepreneurs and data stewards
  • Consultants, policymakers and anyone who needs to know more about GenAI for their role/career.

Is this you? Do you need to learn more about the possibilities of Generative AI for you and your business? JADS offers this Bootcamp just for you! Our doctors and professors will guide you through the latest developments and practical application in six sessions.

JADS = a unique collaboration between TU/e and Tilburg University

Born out of a unique collaboration between Tilburg University (TiU) and Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) has been working since 2016 on creating tangible impact through data science education and research. We educate future data science professionals and equip them with excellent business skills.

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Your move!

Are you ready to sweat it out? Want to learn more? Let us call you or register for the Autumn 2024 Bootcamp edition via the form below. The choice is yours. We are happy to meet you and tell you all about this opportunity.

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The coherent program explained: what to expect?

Part I - How did we get here? The fascinating journey of AI

7 November, 2024
How intelligent is the 'I' in AI? Professor Doctor Emile Aarts, specialized in business adoption with AI, will address the (historical) positioning and socio-economic actuality of AI and generative methods.

Part II - The basics of Generative AI: Natural Language Processing (NLP)

21 November, 2024
We are not talking about a new Star Wars adventure; this is real! Talking to computers is possible, but also deep fakes and fake news. What is new about generative AI? How does it differ from traditional machine learning? What are the limits to the current models? Learn it here in discussion with Uzay Kaymak, Full Professor of Information Systems in Healthcare at JADS.

Part III - Ethics and how to make generative AI Explainable and Responsible

12 December, 2024
We all love ChatGPT and Dall-E because these tools for generating text and images are easy to use and the results generally look really good. But on what data are these models actually trained? Do we care? And what happens with your input data? In this session Dr. Meike Nauta touches upon risks and ethical considerations of generative AI, including bias, discrimination and privacy. Dr. Meike Nauta is Senior Data Scientist at Datacation and Doctor in Explainable AI and Interpretable Computer Vision.

Part IV - Applications of Generative AI in the field of healthcare, sports and vitality

16 January, 2025
There are many forms and applications of Generative AI. In this lecture Aarnout Brombacher, full professor at JADS, will concentrate on applications in the field of health and sports; especially on applications in the field of personalized (p)rehabilitation and coaching. The lecture will concentrate on topics like 24/7 real-time, real-life coaching and on underlying aspects like data ownership, legal constraints/requirements and ethics.

Part V - Using Generative AI in business and transforming entrepreneurship

30 January, 2025
Imagine a world where entrepreneurs have access to a revolutionary tool. That ignites their creativity, uncovers untapped market opportunities, and propels their businesses to new heights. The steps needed to make that world a reality are now being taken at JADS. Take your first step with the lecture of Doctor Plato Leung, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship.

Part VI - Work with generative AI by yourself, today

13 February, 2025
Let’s wrap up all you have seen and heard together with Emil Rijcken, a PhD candidate specialized in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. With him you will work with prompt engineering and function calling. Using a practical case, his startup experience, he will guide you in how you can use Generative AI (like Chat GPT) in your business today.

Your move!

Are you ready to sweat it out? Want to learn more? Let us call you or register for the Autumn 2024 Bootcamp edition, starting November 7th,  via the form below. The choice is yours. We are happy to meet you and tell you all about this opportunity.

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Be informed and inspired by experts who have been working on this for years

It is immensely valuable to immerse yourself in the world of (generative) AI and be informed and inspired by experts who have been working on this for years (sometimes even decades!). It has given me a nuanced picture of the... Read more
Lianne Ringoir Klinisch data analist, Rijnstate Ziekenhuis Arnhem
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Gain a solid foundation in generative AI: applications, technology, ethics, business opportunities, and prompting

Thank you JADS – Jheronimus Academy of Data Science, and especially Marlous Swinkels and all the teachers, for organizing this amazing bootcamp! Learned so much from the inspiring and well-chosen speakers. Truly a great... Read more
Wanda Kruijt Partner, Vlam bondgenoten in innovatie
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We want more!

It has (unfortunately) flown by! What a great programme, fantastic teachers/crew from JADS ? and not forgetting a cool group of fellow students. We want more! Read more
Robbert Lankhaar Manager Vastgoedconsultancy / datagedreven werken, BDO
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For anyone who wants to know what AI is really about

For anyone who wants to know what AI is really about?, I definitely recommend this Bootcamp. Read more
Jan Willem van Woudenberg Interim Manager, ProPar Management & Innovation
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Will surely be back for more!

Great program with excellent lecturers, JADS – Jheronimus Academy of Data Science. Well worth the travel to your wonderful facilities in Den Bosch. Established many meaningful contacts during the networking opportunities. Great... Read more
Karin van den Berkmortel Partner, Vlam bondgenoten in innovatie
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Bootcamp schedule

So: what does a bootcamp day look like? Per session you can expect the following training schedule:

  1. 15:30hrs: walk-in with coffee, tea and such
  2. 16:00hrs: start of college
  3. 17:30hrs: break with a light meal
  4. 18:15hrs: resume college and exercises
  5. 20:00hrs: End with an energized mind!

What JADS offers beyond Data Science

Supportive community

Network events, inspirational talks and many other activities to engage our community of practitioners, alumni and teachers. The Community embodies our belief in the importance of life-long learning.

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Co-Creation for greater impact

Access to JADS' extensive network and resources and collaborations with leading companies, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

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Continued (organizational) development

As part of the eco-system and the alumni community there is continuous learning and use- case projects in collaboration with the other learning programmes that can continue to benefit the organization, even beyond the PE programmes. This includes JADS MKB DataLab, DEiA projects, EngD and Masters’ graduation projects.

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Our tailormade solutions for individuals and organizations

Incompany programs - customized

Transform your organization with our customized incompany Data Science & AI program, aligning seamlessly with your goals, budget, and schedule. Take charge of the learning journey, foster team dynamics, and enjoy cost savings with our flexible and cohesive training solution.

Data Science & AI Essentials - 6 full days

As a professional in management, policymaking, or strategic consulting, navigate rapid societal changes by adapting processes, policies and practices using data insights and effective use of Data and AI . Broaden your knowledge to become an exceptional collaborator for both boardroom executives and technical specialists, enhancing organizational resilience.

Data Engineering & Governance - 8 days and visit Lausanne

Data Science and Data Engineering complement each other and are indispensable for data-driven operations and governance. Organisations need to improve their data strategy, led by C-level management, to gain efficiencies and comply with regulations such as GDPR, CSRD(ESG) and NIS2.

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