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The JADS MKB Datalab supports Dutch SMEs (MKB-bedrijven) who want to make the transition to a more data driven way of working.

The JADS MKB Datalab carries out projects with SME entrepreneurs and Data Science students. In addition, we offer various tools to help you define a Data Science project with impact, such as workshops, a Data Maturity Scan and a Data Project Canvas

So if you would like to pick up a specifically designed short-term data science project for your SME with a JADS MSc student, visit the MKB Datalab Website. 120 SME’s already participated!

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Simplifying server cabinet configurations for Minkels.

Minkels, a division of Legrand, took proactive steps to support their growth ambitions by gaining in-depth insights into the configurations of sold server cabinets.

Smarter screening for breast cancer

Stichting Yvya, together with EarlyWarningScan bv, is working with JADS to develop a new method of breast cancer screening that can also be used with young women, as opposed to mammography where screening is only possible for women after menopause.

Better staff scheduling thanks to data science

“Thanks to the use of smart data, we can now – based on the weather forecast – make a better estimation of how many staff we need to schedule. That is good for our cost control and customer satisfaction.” Jules... Read more
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Data Science & Entrepreneurship

The Master’s Program Data Science and Entrepreneurship

The two-year Master’s program Data Science and Entrepreneurship focuses on Data Science and its applications in business. Special attention is given to entrepreneurship within the Data Science realm. This program is being taught at our vibrant data science campus in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

As part of the master, students can choose to participate in MKB Datalab projects.

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JADS provides innovative data science programs at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level, conducts cutting edge data science research and offers great business opportunities with a continually growing ecosystem. From startups to SMEs and large corporates, our business partners gain access to talent, high level knowledge and business opportunities.

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