MKB Datalab

Simplifying server cabinet configurations for Minkels.

Minkels, a division of Legrand, took proactive steps to support their growth ambitions by gaining in-depth insights into the configurations of sold server cabinets.

Smarter screening for breast cancer

Stichting Yvya, together with EarlyWarningScan bv, is working with JADS to develop a new method of breast cancer screening that can also be used with young women, as opposed to mammography where screening is only possible for women after menopause.

"Dynamic pricing model for MTD: Using Web scraping to understand supply and demand better"

MTD's ambition is to develop a dynamic pricing model that calculates an optimal price based on event characteristics and MTD's expected available capacity on a given date. This will allow a more accurate response to predicted supply and demand during pricing discussions with clients.

Streamlining sales for MEG using Natural Language Processing

MEG's ambition was to speed up the sales process (customer request to final quote) by making their extensive product inventory more organized and transparent. The sales process could take up to 2 weeks due to the size and product preferences of the request, whereas MEG would like to give the customer a relevant offer right away.

Using NLP in streamlining document coding for DAS

DAS had a clear ambition to bring their historical dataset of 400,000+ legal documents up to date with a newly instituted coding scheme.
Aquacare levert oplossingen voor industriële waterbehandeling, bestaand uit hardware en chemie. Met deze oplossingen voorkom je corrosie van de installatie, aangroei van kalk en minimaliseer je microbiologische activiteit.

Insight into customer and sales data

Aquacare wanted to make optimal use of the data stored in a central operational system.
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