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Smarter screening for breast cancer

Stichting Yvya, together with EarlyWarningScan bv.,  is developing a new method of breast cancer screening that can also be used with young women, as opposed to mammography where screening is only possible for women after menopause. 

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The challenge

The great ambition of the Yvya Foundation is to make breast cancer identifiable for young women through a new method of screening. An additional advantage is that this new method could also be used alongside the usual mammography to detect types of breast cancer that the usual method detects poorly. This new method uses about 50 different cameras to detect movement in the breast, where deviations from the norm could be an indication of breast cancer. The Yvya Foundation is working closely with researchers at JADS to develop this new method, and the SME Datalab has also been able to provide support in this regard. 

What we did

For the further development of the method, and obtaining funding for it, a scientific basis was needed that showed the effectiveness and feasability of the new method. This is what we set out to work on. 

The result

A scientific report was produced based on a literature review that substantiated the method of testing as performed by XYZ Imaging. Also, a state-of-the-art neural network was built on the provided simulation data of breast movements to successfully detect breast cancer. Thus, both theoretical and practical substantiation was provided for the effectiveness and feasibility of this new method 

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Why collaborate with JADS MKB Datalab? 

The JADS MKB Datalab supports Dutch SMEs that want to make the transition to a more data-driven way of working. The JADS MKB Datalab carries out projects with SME entrepreneurs and Data Science students. In addition, they offer several tools to help you define a Data Science project with impact, such as workshops, a Data Maturity Scan and a Data Project Canvas. 

So, if you want to take on a specifically designed short-term data science project for your SME with a JADS MSc student, visit the JADS MKB Datalab Website. 150 SMEs have already participated! 

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