KPN Responsible AI Lab

Purpose of the lab

KPN Responsible AI Lab is a collaboration between KPN and JADS. The lab focuses on developing technologies that allow Artificial Intelligence to be used in a responsible way. The lab is based in Den Bosch.

The upsurge in AI and machine learning technologies offers an enormous potential to develop predictive tools for industry. In contrast to traditional machine learning, novel representation-learning algorithms (e.g., deep learning) result in breakthrough performances in a wide variety of domains, including natural language processing, image processing, signal processing, and data processing.

The overall objective of the lab is to facilitate the use of modern AI technology by the industry in a responsible way. To achieve this goal, an interdisciplinary team of experts affiliated to JADS collaborates with KPN to develop solutions that exploit the power of AI to create value from data.

What is SAFEGUARD Lab about?

JADS scientists work together with KPN CRM & Analytics on PhD research trajectories in the areas of data science, decision-making, privacy, and compliance, the results of which will be used in practice to realize responsible AI solutions. KPN CRM & Analytics is the department within KPN that, based on available data, draws up reports and analyses and develops customer insights that help the organization in improving its services.

The goal of the Responsible AI Lab is to develop transparent, privacy-aware, and personalized AI solutions for businesses that address topics of the KIA ICT roadmap. For five years, six PhD students work in the lab on projects contributing to the technical and legal aspects of transparency on, data engineering approaches that ensure privacy by design, personalized and responsible offerings through text analytics, and responsible up-lift modeling. The main research question will be: “how can we create more transparent, robust, fair and sustainable deep learning architectures through simplification?”. A set of guidelines will be defined to identify the most suitable simplification methods and metrics to apply in practice.

Winifred Andriessen, Director of Advanced Analytics at KPN, is a large advocate of Responsible AI. Winifred: “Responsible AI requires multidisciplinary research that looks at both the AI technology itself and how to use it in a way that is responsible and fits into our society. For KPN, the advantage of this is that it not only gives us insight into the potential power of AI but also allows us to responsibly convert it into added value for our customers and wider society. Think of examples like deploying AI for energy efficiency, or rolling out a fiber-optic network.”

For more information, visit the Responsible AI lab page on the ICAI website

Industry Partner: KPN

KPN is a leading telecommunication and IT provider and market leader in the Netherlands, serving both consumer and business customers with its fixed and mobile networks for telephony, broadband, and television. KPN offers small-, medium-, and large-size business customers a portfolio of services including fixed and mobile telephony and internet, and solutions in core connectivity and close to core IT services such as cloud, security and workspace. In addition, KPN offers third-party telecom providers access to its widespread fixed and mobile networks.


Eric Postma

Coordinator Data Analytics Unit

Danil Provodin

PhD Candidate

Nemania Borovits

PhD Candidate

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