Crime and Safety

Data science for a safer society

Data science is becoming increasingly valuable, both in detecting and preventing crime, as well as in enhancing the safety of our society. Computers and algorithms compare and contrast information and perform complex calculations at lightning speed. At the department Data Science in Crime & Safety we believe that data science can contribute to safer society. Therefore, we investigate and apply data science in a fair and responsible way.

How we contribute

Is there anything more important than contributing to a safe society? An example: The department Data Science in Crime & Safety of JADS cooperates with Police and the Public Prosecution Service to combat organized crime by combining different sources of data in a responsible way. Our department also cooperates with the banking sector, in which Data Science can help to identify suspicious transactions in an early stage. And we cooperate with the FIOD, where Smart Imaging helps to extract images of contrabands from huge amounts of data.

Delivering tech savvy, responsible and successful entrepreneurs

In this day and age, technology and society are intricately related. Therefore, we offer something quite unique: we combine state of art technology with the legal, ethical and economical aspects of data science. JADS strongly benefits from the integration of the engineering knowledge of TU/e and the business and societal knowledge from TiU. Moreover, we add entrepreneurship to the mix. In short: We prepare our students to become tech savvy, responsible and successful data science entrepreneurs. We believe that is exactly what our world needs.

Crime and Safety cases

Crime and Safety EngD

Successfully tackling money laundering with data science

JADS, together with Van Lanschot, developed an approach to tackle money laundering using data science
EngD AgriFood PhD

VISOR - research for smart event safety

The VISOR project focuses on the analysis, detection and prediction of behaviour of large crowds.
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JADS provides innovative data science programs at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level, conducts cutting edge data science research and offers great business opportunities with a continually growing ecosystem. From startups to SMEs and large corporates, our business partners gain access to talent, high level knowledge and business opportunities.

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