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Bureau Dupin wins Brilliant AI Failures award

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During the NL AIC Event on April 13, 2022, the Brilliant AI Failures in the Public Domain Award was presented to Bureau Dupin, a citizen collective that, together with JADS, the police and the Public Prosecution Service, is investigating a cold case.

Brilliant failures

AI offers many opportunities for optimizing public services. Taking advantage of these opportunities often involves trial and error. When innovating in the field of AI in the complex government domain, it is often failures or near failures that lead to progress. A Brilliant Failure is a well-prepared attempt to achieve something with a different outcome than planned. Failures are brilliant when we have learned from them and have shared the experiences with others.

Bureau Dupin

Bureau Dupin is a collective of engaged citizens. In cooperation with the police and the Public Prosecution Service, they are investigating a cold case, the murder of Marja Nijholt, who was found dead in Oss on January 1, 2013. As part of the investigation, Bureau Dupin is collaborating with JADS. A group of university students, under the supervision of a professor, conducted research on a dataset of telecom data made available by the police.

What makes Bureau Dupin a brilliant failure is that they set out to do one thing, solve a cold case, but achieved a much greater thing: establishing a community of over 1700 investigators with a variety of valuable talent, knowledge and experience. Lesson learned: especially in the field of AI, involve anyone who wants to be involved: AI belongs to all of us. And never underestimate the wisdom of the crowd.


In this video (in Dutch), Bureau Dupin presents their brilliant failure.

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