AgriFood and data science

AgriFood and Nature

Providing sustainable food for the growing world

The world population and food consumption are growing fast.  The current system for producing, processing and trading food has passed its expiration date. We need a transition from the current unsustainable food system to a healthy, circular and resource-efficient paradigm. In order to continue to provide sustainable food for the growing world population, something must change rapidly. How do we ensure that there is enough food to feed the world by 2050? In the coming decades, the eyes of the world will be on the agri-food sector.

nature and data science

Data as a catalyst for transition

Technological developments, in which data science plays a key role, can make an important contribution to the transition of the sector. Data is an important catalyst for this and, at the same time, offers opportunities for new, disruptive business models in the agri-food sector.

The use of data is a key ingredient for the agri-food sector to boost both productivity and sustainability and to remain competitive. The step from data to information for business is a big and very valuable step. Many companies recognize the importance, usefulness and necessity, but still have difficulties with its actual implementation for their own organization or using data effectively to connect the food value chain.

AgriFood & Data science

Connecting the dots

JADS has a broad approach to data science and agri-food. Combining technical know-how and domain knowledge, JADS brings worlds together that until recently operated separately from each other. The process of “Connecting the dots”, automatically brings opportunities. Opportunities for existing players, but also for new entrants. Digitization and data science are catalysts in this process and actually make chain integration and “connecting the dots” into a valuable network possible.

  • JADS connects and integrates research, education and business focussed activities within the AgFood&Data program line.
  • JADS develops translational data science expertise and educates talent in the field of data fusion and smart data analytics for the AgFoodNature domain.
  • JADS develops impact driven projects in cooperation with business.

Recent AgriFood & Nature cases

Smart Pork Chain sensor

Helping to smarten up the pork production chain

Zinabu Melese is an Ethiopian EngD student at JADS who for his doctorate research explored a wealth of data from Hendrix Genetics and the Vion Food Group in order to lay the foundations for further data integration in the production chain. The next step will be to couple data from sensors hanging in pig farms to slaughterhouse data.
Naturalis biodiversity

Working together to preserve biodiversity at Naturalis

Naturalis Biodiversity Center and JADS are using data science and artificial intelligence for joint research. The goal: preservation of global biodiversity.
partner up with JADS

Why partner up with JADS

JADS provides innovative data science programs at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level, conducts cutting edge data science research and offers great business opportunities with a continually growing ecosystem. From startups to SMEs and large corporates, our business partners gain access to talent, high level knowledge and business opportunities.

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