Responsible Media Lab

Purpose of the lab

How can AI contribute to the functioning of the media along the entire production chain (sourcing, production, distribution, engagement), and even fundamentally change aspects of the media as we know it? The lab will explore the potential of AI-driven solutions for the media, their professional role, opportunities for new business models and new ways of engaging with users, while taking into account professional values and the emerging regulatory framework for AI. The lab seeks to develop AI-based methods and solutions that facilitate more diverse news offerings to readers, working alongside human journalists.

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What is Responsible Media Lab about?

The REM Lab is dedicated to exploring the potential of AI-driven solutions in the media industry, from sourcing to distribution, with a focus on maintaining professional values and adhering to emerging AI regulations. The lab aims to facilitate the growth of media platforms while upholding responsibility and integrity.

They believe that independent, technology-driven news and media organizations play a vital role in democratic societies and can counter the dominance of global players. Given the increasing role of AI in news and the EU’s AI guidelines, the lab intends to accelerate the development of trustworthy AI technology across the news production chain.

The lab collaborates with DPG Media, the largest media company in the Netherlands, to develop and analyze AI innovations that positively impact the nation. AI helps diversify information and balance online advertising, ensuring DPG Media’s control over data processing and algorithmic processing.

The lab’s key inquiries include transparency, explainability, and normative aspects of AI-based news systems, as well as disseminating news recommendations effectively. They also aim to generate reliable methods for automatically creating content.

Additionally, the REM Lab aligns its research with Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on sustainable growth and the creation of transparent, trustworthy AI solutions for media production and consumption, contributing to resilient, independent, and diverse media organizations and accountable institutions that promote peace, justice, and societal well-being.

DPG Media

DPG Media provides the context, but also the data and infrastructure needed for REM Lab’s research projects. For coding the data and setting up causal inference studies, a panel of roughly 50K DPG Media users can be engaged. Both UvA and JADS are responsible for the scientific content of REM Lab’s research, aligning it with the developments within the media domain and making sure that the individual study results are being valorized and shared with a broader audience. The academic researchers at UvA and JADS will collaborate closely with several mature teams at DPG Media.

University of Amsterdam

This project is a collaboration between JADS and UvA


Ksenia Podoynitsyna

Associate Professor

Claudia Zucca

Assistant professor

Alexander Vossen

Assistant Professor

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