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A two-year post-master’s program. Shape your future with our EngD program: blend theory with hands-on experience, customize your path, and collaborate with industry for real-world skills.

Our program offers a unique blend of theoretical learning and practical application, allowing you to shape your educational experience according to your interests and career goals. With a focus on hands-on training and collaboration with industry partners, you’ll have the opportunity to deepen your expertise and gain valuable real-world experience. 


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First year: Shaping your path

In the first year, you embark on a journey of self-discovery and skill development. You’ll begin by crafting a personalized training and supervision plan tailored to your career aspirations and academic interests. This plan serves as a roadmap, guiding your professional development and helping you excel in your chosen field. You’ll develop teamwork and problem-solving skills while participating in two Data Challenge weeks, improving both as a member, as a group leader or overall leader. 



Compulsory Courses

In our EngD program, you’ll take essential courses taught by esteemed faculty members, covering key topics such as Data Mining, Data Visualization, Statistics, Process Mining, Data Engineering, and Modeling and Simulation. 

Shared elective Courses

You’ll also have the opportunity to customize your education by choosing from a selection of elective courses, including Innovation Space Bootcamp, User Perspectives in Design, Engine Doctorate Design Challenge, Introduction to Data Science Systems Thinking (including Scientific Integrity). These courses allow you to expand your skill set and explore new areas of interest. 

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Training Projects: Collaborative learning

 Training projects offer collaborative learning experiences in small groups. These short-term projects provide hands-on opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios. Guided by industry experts and faculty, you’ll work closely with peers to solve real-world challenges, developing essential teamwork and problem-solving skills along the way. Through these group projects, youwill gain valuable insights and experience that prepare you for your future career in the field. 


Second year: Realizing your vision

 In the EngD program’s second year, you’ll have the chance to bring your ideas to life through a personalized project. This hands-on opportunity allows you to apply your first-year knowledge and skills to tackle real-world problems. Working closely with a company or industry partner, you’ll undertake a project showcasing your expertise and creativity. This project marks the culmination of your academic journey, demonstrating your ability to design, implement, and deliver impactful solutions. 

Coaching: Peer-to-Peer and Personal Support 

 We believe that coaching plays a vital role in your development. Through both peer-to-peer and personal coaching, you’ll receive tailored guidance to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. Peer-to-peer coaching fosters collaboration and support among students, while personal coaching offers individualized mentorship from experienced faculty, ensuring you have the support you need to succeed. 

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