Social and Digital Entrepreneurship

Contributing to the solution of societally relevant problems

The intriguing field of Social and Digital Entrepreneurship, that is often referred to as Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for the Good, refers to the digital knowledge and skillset that is needed to develop and run enterprises whose primary objective is to contribute to the solution of societally relevant problems. Problems in this domain typically range from No Poverty en Zero Hunger up to Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. They are generally known as the Sustainable Development Goals that were introduced in 2015 by the United Nations as their blueprint for a better and more sustainable future for all.


Harnessing the digital revolution to create a more sustainable future

Over the past years, we have witnessed a growing desire within society to move away from economic growth as the single dimension of prosperity. In addition, individuals, especially within the younger generations, but also public organizations and institutions have stressed the importance of the development of a more sustainable future for all focusing on other dimension such as resilience, wellbeing, and social responsibility. At the same time, technological developments within computing, electronic communications and information systems are driving a major worldwide development referred to as the “digital revolution”. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are major components of this digital transformation and by applying the knowledge and skillset in these fields, we as JADS can contribute to the quest to improve society.

Designing meaningful solution

By using data and smart algorithms, we can collect and validate insights into the wicket nature of the societal problems related to the Sustainable Development Goals. More specifically, by combining hybrid data from different public and private sources through sophisticated data engineering techniques, descriptive and predictive analyses can be performed, revealing correlations and hidden patterns in the problems’ characteristics. Thus enabling the design of meaningful solutions that eventually can improve the lives of people who are confronted with the problems under consideration.

At present, our approach pursues the development of a project portfolio with strategic partners such as NGO’s, public authorities, CBS, and CenterData to enable JADS students to work on these problems as part of their educational master program. As a next step we will set up a stage-gating process that will lead to the identification of promising social start-up enterprises that can be further developed to become sustainable businesses fit for scale-up and growth.

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