Incompany Data Science & AI projects

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Incompany Data Science & AI projects

Central to every incompany training is the so-called knowledge gap: the difference between what someone knows and what they need or want to know. Together, we identify your specific knowledge question and design a ready-made solution. What is the current situation? What is the desired one? And how can we use in-company training to build a sustainable bridge between the two? In doing so, we are guided by modern teaching methods, with a clear line between learning objectives and working methods. The focus is on securing the knowledge in your organization, even after the last day of lessons.

Customized for private and public organizations

JADS offers customized training courses for both private and public organizations. Depending on the target group, our courses are offered in English or Dutch.

Advantages of an incompany project

Tailored Learning Experience

Benefit from personalized instruction tailored to your organization’s needs, objectives, and budget. We also take previous training gaps into account.

Flexibility and Control

Set your own start date and location, providing maximum flexibility for your team’s schedule and preferences.

Team Cohesion

Encourage stronger connections, mutual support, and collaborative development among participants, enhancing teamwork from a shared organizational perspective.

Cost Efficiency

Experience cost savings, as incompany training is often more economical than external options, with pricing based on the level of customization needed.

Brand aligned Learning

Immerse your team in a learning experience that reflects your organizational identity, presenting the curriculum in your own house style through a dedicated platform.

Seamless Progression

Are you concerned about the post-training risk of people working in silos and the knowledge being not rolled out organization wide? Or having limited adoption of the knowledge that slows down innovation. We discuss previous training initiatives in advance to avoid such redundancies and allow continuous progress by building on existing programs with the same theme.


Making data personal

True organizational impact arises from an approach tailored to your specific business context & sector. We give you the tools, mindset and skills to take effective action.

Co-Creation for greater impact

Access to JADS' extensive network and resources and collaborations with leading companies, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

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Identification of knowledge needs

The PE programs address the knowledge gaps and the learning requirements for both organizations and professionals .

Take the leap and start your customized Data Science & AI journey at JADS

Understand which data is available and how to use it, but also learn to share the acquired knowledge within your own organization. Take the next step in your personal development.

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Our tailormade solutions for individuals and organizations

Data Science & AI Essentials - 6 full days

As a professional in management, policymaking, or strategic consulting, navigate rapid societal changes by adapting processes, policies and practices using data insights and effective use of Data and AI . Broaden your knowledge to become an exceptional collaborator for both boardroom executives and technical specialists, enhancing organizational resilience.

Bootcamp Generative AI for professionals - 6 half days

Ready to explore Generative AI’s potential for your business even further? Our Professional Education team at JADS has developed a Bootcamp Generative AI for professionals. This will guide you through the latest developments and practical application in 6 sessions.

Data Engineering & Governance - 8 days and visit Lausanne

Data Science and Data Engineering complement each other and are indispensable for data-driven operations and governance. Organisations need to improve their data strategy, led by C-level management, to gain efficiencies and comply with regulations such as GDPR, CSRD(ESG) and NIS2.

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