Data Engineering & Governance

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Study load per week 8u (college) + 1u (preps and tasks)
Start 6 September 2024
Language Dutch
Tuition € 7.500 (VAT exempt)
Location JADS campus, 's-Hertogenbosch
Summit ticket included CDOIQ Summit, Lausanne

Connect your business strategy with Data Science & AI

With the rise of AI in business, the need for mature Data Engineering & Governance is growing. Reliable data is essential for effective systems and algorithms. Missing data, bias and bias in your data or lack of metadata lead to wrong decisions and reports. Data Engineering covers the process of collecting, storing and processing data, with the aim of creating a reliable and scalable infrastructure for data analysis and applications. It focuses on building and maintaining systems that can handle large amounts of data efficiently.

Purpose of Data Engineering & Governance training

The aim is to improve data acquisition, storage and retrieval, or Data Engineering. Data Science and Data Engineering complement each other and are indispensable for data-driven operations and governance. Organisations need to improve their data strategy, led by C-level management, to achieve efficiencies and comply with regulations such as GDPR, CSRD(ESG) and NIS2. Mature data governance also supports the implementation of new AI applications.

During this course

  • You will build your knowledge on Data Engineering & Data Governance;
  • Attend the JADS Data Summit on 6 September and the CDO-IQ symposium in Lausanne on 12 September 2024;
  • Keep up to date with the latest insights from both the science and practice of Data Engineering and Governance;
  • Gain a better understanding of the theory and frameworks, and learn from implementation lessons from frontrunners;
  • Apply your knowledge immediately by presenting your own case during the course and using action learning to clarify your strategic goals;
  • Receive knowledge from scientists and experts from JADS and other universities.

Designed for:

  • Chief technology officer;
  • Chief Data Officers;
  • Informationmanager;
  • Chief Architects.

With this course, we target both the private and public sectors. In the line of organisations, this fits ideally into your strategic role you are currently in. A Management + framework. Specific prior knowledge of Data Science / AI is not required to follow this program.

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Duration 8 days spread over 13 weeks
Times 09.30 - 16.30u
Particpate CDO-IQ Summit in Lausanne

What you will learn during Data Engineering & Governance:

Day 1: Data as an Asset & visit Data Mesh Summit | 6 September

We start with an introduction: data as an asset. Lecture will be given by Prof. Jos van Hillegersberg. In the afternoon, visit the Data Mesh Summit in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, led by Prof Dr Willem Jan van den Heuvel and ir Stefan Driessen.

Day 2: CDO-IQ Summit in Lausanne | 12 September

Together with Unil, University of Lausanne visit the CDO-IQ Summit. A day on data strategies and transformation, AI for business innovation and how to shape the data economy.

Day 3: Value of Data | 13 September

In Lausanne, we will discuss the value of data, led by Prof Dr Erik Beulen. At the end of the day is the return trip from Lausanne back to the Netherlands.

Day 4: Data Governance | 27 September

Data Governance focuses on establishing responsibilities, processes and standards for managing and protecting data within an organisation. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) refers to the criteria used to assess a company’s environmental, social and governance sustainability performance. CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) is a European directive that requires companies to provide detailed information on their sustainability performance in their annual reports. Led by Prof Dr Albert Plugge, Neyenrode University Netherlands.

Day 5: Data sharing in knowledge | 11 October

Missing data, bias and bias in your data or lack of metadata lead to wrong decisions and reporting. Dr Gert Meyers of Tilburg University. discusses trust and explainability within data. With Dr Danielle Sent, you will end the day with the ‘Data Ethics game’.

Dag 6: Data-engineering | 8 november Erwin Folmer from University of Twente takes you through the technology of Data Engineering. What are and can you do with ‘Datalakes’, ‘Open data’ and ‘Knowledge graphs’? We link this theory to practice together with Dr Damian Tamburri. Through cases on ABN AMRO bank and Picnic, you will learn from front runners in the field.

Day 7: Data Quality | 22 November

Colleague of Erwin, Maurice van Keulen emphasizes with you the importance of data quality. The other part of the day, we translate this theory into practice with you. Dr Peter de Kock unravels Security & Privacy of the Data Landscape using a case at the National Police.

Dag 8: Digital Twins | 6 December

Digital twins are virtual copies of real objects or processes, used for real-time insight and simulation. They help optimise performance and manage risk in various sectors. With Professor Igor Meyer, we will explore with you what this could mean for you. At the end, you will stand in front of the group yourself: you will explain your own case and clearly state your strategic goals.

Attend these exclusive summits:

  1. Participants in this course will have exclusive access to the Data Mesh Summit at JADS, 6 September 2024;
  2. Participants of this apprenticeship will visit the CDOIQ Summit in Lausanne, the European event in the field of Data strategy and Data ecosystems:
    1. Arrival: 12 September 2024
    2. Departure: 13 September 2024

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Discover and enrich your knowledge during our intensive 8-day face-to-face training programme, supported by a digital learning environment packed with knowledge clips and inspiring literature.

Designed specifically for the private sector, but also open to the public sector, this unique experience provides in-depth insight for middle and senior management layers, including CDOs and CISOs. Invest in yourself and your team including two hotel nights in Lausanne, a plane ticket (economy class) and exclusive access to the prestigious CDOIQ symposium. Language barriers disappear because although the language of instruction is Dutch, we offer a global experience with English lectures, slides and literature. Learn from our lecturers originating from JADS, complemented by renowned external experts from top universities such as Tilburg University, University of Twente and Neyenrode Business University. Be inspired by real-life case studies from leading organisations, and take the next step in your career in the exciting world of Data Engineering & Governance.


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