Purpose of the lab

ILUSTRE stands for Innovation Lab for Utilities on Sustainable Technology and Renewable Energy and is one of the 17 Innovation Centers for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI) within the ROBUST Long-Term Programme (LTP). The ROBUST LTP is a consortium of knowledge institutes and industrial stakeholders collaborating on multi-year academic research into reliable artificial intelligence and focusing on the translation of the research results into trustworthy technologies and processes to support and improve interactions between people and systems.

ILUSTRE will be a living lab in the Caribbean with the objective to develop, implement and test AI innovations that will accelerate the use of clean energy and advance solutions in water treatment and wastewater recycling/purification. Alongside with these sustainable development objectives, the innovation partners aim at establishing an education platform for AI and data science for the Caribbean region.

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Living lab in the Caribbean

ILUSTRE offers opportunities for PhD candidates who wish to support the acceleration of the energy transition and who have an affinity with the Dutch Caribbean islands. The lab will house five PhD researchers who will work simultaneously on different aspects of the overall applied aim to create accurate and reliable AI solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of water and energy distribution.

Renewable Energy

Curaçao has a modern National Energy Policy, which sets the objectives and priorities for the development of an effective and sustainable energy system with the goal to achieve 50% renewable energy penetration by 2030. Data technology will be an enabler for this objective which aligns with Curaçao’s ambition to become a smart country that embraces the development of data technology and Artificial Intelligence. Curaçao, therefore, welcomes this initiative of Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) and LaNubia Consulting.

The Five PhD researchers will be located at JADS and at the utility companies to preserve the academic environment and the transfer of domain-specific expertise, respectively. It is foreseen that the PhD researchers will reside at the utility companies at least once per year for an extended period of time to test their algorithms in real-life settings. To further the dissemination of the acquired knowledge and skills, we foresee short visits to Dutch (e.g. Alliander), European (e.g. E.ON), and other Caribbean (e.g. VEi) utility companies and consortia.

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Industry Partner: LaNubia

LaNubia Consulting was founded in 2014 by Deloitte and RSM OneMBA Alumni Rigo Selassa. With his passion to inspire clients to transform using technological innovations, Rigo Selassa is building a team of Professionals to guide Business Transformation initiatives worldwide.

LaNubia stands for “the cloud” in Spanish and embodies our corporate strategy to create a global network of Professionals working remotely and servicing our customers from anywhere and at anytime.

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