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Data science research to create societal and economic value

The Jheronimus Academy of Data Science offers Data science research in three locations: Tilburg, Eindhoven and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Our Data Science Research Centers enhance the relevance of academic research to business and society. Our research focuses on adding value with data science, such as data entrepreneurship and data innovation. It entails the fundamental question on how to create societal and economic value with data.

Our Application areas

Social & Digital Entrepreneurship

The field of Social and Digital Entrepreneurship, that is often referred to as Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for the Good, refers to the digital knowledge and skillset that is needed to develop and run enterprises whose primary objective is to contribute to the solution of societally relevant problems.

nature and data science

AgriFood and Nature

In order to continue to provide sustainable food for the growing world population, something must change rapidly. Data science plays a key role in the transition of the sector.

Crime & Safety

At the department Data Science in Crime & Safety we believe that data science can contribute to safer society. Therefore, we investigate and apply data science in a fair and responsible way.

JADS Researchers

From PhD candidates to full professors, JADS has a great pool of researchers, dedicated to doing cool stuff that matters, with data. Check out our researchers at JADS, their bios and the projects they are working on.

Researchers overview

Our Research Labs


The new SAFEGUARD lab, part of the ROBUST AI program, will explore, develop and validate novel auditing theories, tools, and methodologies to monitor and audit whether AI applications adhere in terms of fairness, explainability, transparency, robustness and reliability, respect of privacy, and safety and security. SAFEGUARD Lab is a collaboration with Deloitte.


ILUSTRE stands for Innovation Lab for Utilities on Sustainable Technology and Renewable Energy and is one of the 17 Innovation Centers for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI) within the ROBUST Long-Term Programme (LTP). This lab is a collaboration with LaNubia.

Responsible Media Lab

This lab will explore the potential of AI-driven solutions for the media, their professional role, opportunities for new business models and new ways of engaging with users, while taking into account professional values and the emerging regulatory framework for AI. This lab is a collaboration with DPG Media and UvA.

Our disciplines

Data Analytics

he Data Analytics Unit (DAU) of JADS combines expertise in the domains of causal inference, social network analysis, AI, and in particular machine learning with the goal of explaining the dynamics of complex phenomena.

Data Governance

Data engineering for studying sensor networks and machine learning pipelines.

Data Entrepreneurship

Using machine learning and network analysis to study interactions in meetings, entrepreneurial pitches, social influence, interaction norms and routines.

Research Projects

JADS also participates in several (international) projects, which contribute to grand societal challenges like health, food security, smart transport and secure societies. Together with companies, government, NGO’s and other knowledge institutions, JADS works on solutions by using data.

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