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JADS Playground: data science startup incubator

The Playground is the startup incubator within JADS. We aim to help students to get their startup off the ground. While focusing on JADS student, the Playground is an open incubator meaning that students from other universities and working professionals who are interested in data science and entrepreneurship are also welcome.

We help startups from idea to launch and everything in between, with:

  • How to’ Workshops: validate your problem, customer discovery, prototyping, elevator pitching, getting funding and more.
  • Presentations: successful entrepreneurs sharing their experiences. But also startup organizations like Rockstart, HighTechXL and Braventure come in to tell you how they can help you.
  • Funding: the Playground does not provide funding but has a network of VC’s and organizations that do invest in early stage startups. We can help you to prepare and get in contact with these investors.
  • Coaching: if you need to reflect your thoughts or want to discuss how to tackle a problem, you can do so with one of our coaches.
  • Community and Network: it’s important to develop a strong network and mingle with like minded people. Therefore, we organize meetups where you can meet others in an informal setting.
  • Office space: we have flexible as well as dedicated offices. Here you can work on your startup while being part of a dynamic environment.

If you are thinking of starting your own venture, if you already started or if you just want more information, feel free to reach out: playground@jads.nl. You can also join one of the events.

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