JADS Playground

JADS Playground: data science startup incubator

The Playground is the startup incubator within JADS. We aim to help students to get their startup off the ground. While focusing on JADS student, the Playground is an open incubator meaning that students from other universities and working professionals who are interested in data science and entrepreneurship are also welcome.

We help startups from idea to launch and everything in between, with:

  • How to’ Workshops: validate your problem, customer discovery, prototyping, elevator pitching, getting funding and more.
  • Presentations: successful entrepreneurs sharing their experiences. But also startup organizations like Rockstart, HighTechXL and Braventure come in to tell you how they can help you.
  • Funding: the Playground does not provide funding but has a network of VC’s and organizations that do invest in early stage startups. We can help you to prepare and get in contact with these investors.
  • Coaching: if you need to reflect your thoughts or want to discuss how to tackle a problem, you can do so with one of our coaches.
  • Community and Network: it’s important to develop a strong network and mingle with like minded people. Therefore, we organize meetups where you can meet others in an informal setting.
  • Office space: we have flexible as well as dedicated offices. Here you can work on your startup while being part of a dynamic environment.

If you are thinking of starting your own venture, if you already started or if you just want more information, feel free to reach out: playground@jads.nl. You can also join one of the events.

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Current startups

Tidal Control

Tidal Control is the compliance automation platform that monitors your systems and translates data into compliance performance.

Maps Untold

Maps Untold gives personal recommendations like a travel guide would give, but based on Big Data.


Neople provides AI virtual employees. A Neople works in whatever platform you use, functioning just like a real employee trained on your company's information.


QuestPair is a matchmaking platform for scientific equipment.


CrySense is an AI-powered system that detects and classifies the cries of a newborn in real-time, providing insights to enhance the well-being of new parents.


At 3-DM, we ensure that data-driven decision-making significantly saves on time, money, and frustration.


Verhaaltjesland makes highly personalized children’s books with your own stuffed animal as the main character.

Digital Patrol

At Digital Patrol we specialise in all video solutions, including reliable live streaming, on-demand content, and global real-time streaming with minimal latency.


We envision a world where every significant milestone in life is commemorated with a carefully chosen timepiece.

Playground Alumni


It is our mission to provide every lawyer with effortless access to all relevant information, with the certainty of not missing anything.


We help companies navigate the innovative world of Data Science and Big Data. From idea to implementation.

Walnut Data

We are a company that brings together bright people, who work together in a playful manner to create innovative and tailored data science solutions.


Many companies don't know where to start or how to apply data in their day-to-day operations. Stactics wants to help you with this.


GOAL 3 is enabling and empowering health workers with durable and easy-to-use medical technology at places where it is needed the most.


MEUNGO smart software allows our customers to focus on their core business.


Send Smart Web Push Notifications to Mobile, Desktop and Tablet.


We are Skillvol. We create elite-players by our sportstracker for the athlete involved in teamsports.

Strategy 01

Strategy01 aims to simplify market research by applying data science in an innovative way.

Whitebox Data Science

As Whitebox, we are driven to help your company achieve its goals by making smart use of (big) data.

Soda Science

We help those organisations at the frontiers of improving society to leverage the power of data science.

Startup Readiness Program

In collaboration with Braventure, we offer the Startup Readiness Program. There are various modules from the startup readiness program in which you as a startup can participate and take you one step further towards a successful startup! Want to know more?

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