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JADS Playground startup ‘Neople’ goes international by raising an additional €6 million

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After previously raising €1.5 million, Neople, a startup out of JADS startup incubator JADS Playground, has again successfully raised capital for their startup that develops AI colleagues for customer service teams in e-commerce. This time it involves a €6 million investment from Newion and Simon Capital. This will enable Neople to realize new plans. JADS congratulates Neople on this success!

International ambitions and expansion

Thanks to this investment, Neople’s team will be able to put the company on the international market in response to positive noises outside the Netherlands. In September 2024, the company will open a second office in Berlin. In addition, this investment will enable Neople to launch their new AI training center to help digital employees do their jobs even smarter and even more efficiently.

“By the end of this year, two hundred Neople will be working at various e-commerce companies,” Hans de Penning, co-founder and CEO of Neople, as stated in De Ondernemer Live (in Dutch).

Read the full article on Newion’s website here

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