EngD in Data Science

Has a positive impact on your business Business impact
Access to a future data scientist Access to talent
Helps you solve a data related problem Solve data problem

Create a data driven business design

Design and develop data driven decision-making processes based on real, actionable data for your organization. Work together with our EngD (formerly PDEng) data science trainees on the development of new models specifically for your organization.

Dedicated data science project (10-12 months)

In the second year, the EngD program is concluded with a ‘final project’, in which each EngD trainee has to solve a concrete, complex case or problem that is presented by an organization. The focus is “create a business design.” Trainees help the organization with their decision making processes, based on real time data and insight. Within a period of maximum 1 year, a concrete project result, such as a working data-driven model or prototype, is achieved. The EngD trainee combines high-level scientific knowledge with the design for a solution for your organization.

The EngD students are employed by JADS, but work on location as part of your organization and will be financed through financial contribution from your company or organization. The average period of a EngD final project is 10-12 months. During that period, JADS will of course still provide guidance to the student, in addition to direct contact between the student and your organization.

Short projects: case study, data scan, interview workshop

The EngD (formerly PDEng) program also regularly calls for case studies and data challenges in the educational program. It is possible for your organization to participate. The aim of short projects is to identify the right questions that match the ambitions of an organization and can be solved with data. The focus here is to gain the correct insight into the problem and what data is needed to solve a problem.

Example cases

Developing a recommender app for de Efteling

A EngD trainee from JADS helped de Efteling develop a recommender app. Thanks to this app, Efteling will be able to better distribute its visitor flows throughout the park.

Successfully tackling money laundering with data science

JADS, together with Van Lanschot, developed an approach to tackle money laundering using data science

"I’m using data to support business ​decisions”

“I’m currently working on a graduation project where I use data science and geo-experiments to test the effectiveness of online marketing. What would be the effect of continuing a certain marketing campaign in one region and... Read more
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