Combating Subversive crime in the port of Rotterdam

Combating Subversive crime in the port of Rotterdam

Seaports play an important role in world trade, and are an important hub in international drug trafficking. The intrinsic interdependence of the legal and illegal world plays a major role in the day-to-day reality of ports. Drug criminals take advantage of the legal structures and opportunities that ports provide as logistics hubs. These factors have resulted in the port of Rotterdam, together with that of Antwerp, becoming the main gateway for cocaine to Europe.

Commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and Security, Willem-Jan van de Heuvel, Pieter Tops, Nienke de Groes and Vivian Gravenberch conducted research into the central question: can technology play a role in reducing the vulnerability of ports to undermining activities? , and if so, how?

Background Pattern

The result

The researchers recommend that within the subversive domain, much more strongly than now, recent developments in trustworthy AI should be included in the design and thinking through of strategies and policies to reduce subversive crime. They have the potential to have a huge impact in the medium or long term. It is important to get on board now to be able to make use of these potentials in the future.

For this, at least the following steps must be taken
– Keeping a good overview of developments in AI and data science
– Starting a conversation about data governance (ownership of data)
– Developing a common and orchestrated strategy
– The entire chain (logistics, judicial and production) will have to be included in a holistic system approach

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