The important role of Data Science in our current time

Smart Pork Chain sensor
EngD (formerly PDEng) Agrifood & Nature

Helping to smarten up the pork production chain

Zinabu Melese is an Ethiopian EngD (formerly PDEng) student at JADS who for his doctorate research explored a wealth of data from Hendrix Genetics and the Vion Food Group in order to lay the foundations for further data integration in the production chain. The next step will be to couple data from sensors hanging in pig farms to slaughterhouse data.
MKB Datalab

PowerBI Dashboard for AcademicTransfer to monitor vacancies

For AcademicTransfer, MKB Datalab created a PowerBI dashboard, which is linked to Google Analytics and vacancy data. This way AcademicTransfer can easily and clearly compare and share vacancies with members.
MKB Datalab

Timetable Optimization Leads to Time Savings and Higher Employee Satisfaction

The employees of ambulance service RAVU have many different employment contracts and schedule preferences, which leads to a considerable schedule puzzle. To save planners time, MKB Datalab has developed a schedule optimization tool.
MKB Datalab

MKB Datalab helps Welvaarts Weegsystemen to save transport costs

MKB Datalab helped to optimize the waste disposal process by creating a model that predicts how full an underground container is. Thanks to this insight, Welvaarts Weegsystemen can help waste services dynamically change their route and empty containers more efficiently.
MKB Datalab

Limiting unforeseen project costs with an Early Warning System

Merford is a specialist in noise control. The prices and duration of their projects vary widely, which makes it difficult to predict the profit margin of projects. Thanks to the Early Warning System MKB Datalab developed, Merford can minimize unforeseen project costs.
MKB Datalab

VIA ensures safer traffic with the help of the MKB Datalab

VIA is an ICT agency that offers insights into traffic safety statistics through its own software. The MKB Datalab has helped VIA with this by developing an algorithm together to clarify these statistics.
Master Data Science & Entrepreneurship

Time Machine street register for the Municipality of Den Bosch

In this project, students created a street register for the Municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. This register contains all current and historic information of the city center of ‘s Hertogenbosch at street level.
Master Data Science * Entrepreneurship

River Plastic Monitoring Using Deep Learning and Cameras for Ocean Cleanup

For his thesis Colin van Lieshout researched the concept of enabling automated monitoring of plastic in rivers for The Ocean Cleanup using deep learning.
Master Data Science & Entrepreneurship

Creation of start-up Peppermint with the help of Data Entrepreneurship in Action III

At JADS we use the popular lean startup method and emphasize the importance of evidence-based actions. One of the student start-ups created with the help of this method is Peppermint.
Smart Industry Consortium NWO

Optimizing industrial applications with algorithms and methods

Over the next four years, a consortium of academic and industrial partners, led by JADS and TU/e, will be collaborating to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) toolkit, consisting of algorithms and methods, for industrial applications.
MKB Datalab

Better personnel planning based on weather expectations

For Bakery Royal, students from JADS MKB Datalab worked out a data model that predicts the influence of weather conditions on turnover, and on personnel planning.
Crime and Safety EngD (formerly PDEng)

Successfully tackling money laundering with data science

JADS, together with Van Lanschot, developed an approach to tackle money laundering using data science
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