The important role of Data Science in our current time

Master Data Science * Entrepreneurship

River Plastic Monitoring Using Deep Learning and Cameras for Ocean Cleanup

For his thesis Colin van Lieshout researched the concept of enabling automated monitoring of plastic in rivers for The Ocean Cleanup using deep learning.
Master Data Science & Entrepreneurship

Creation of start-up Peppermint with the help of Data Entrepreneurship in Action III

At JADS we use the popular lean startup method and emphasize the importance of evidence-based actions. One of the student start-ups created with the help of this method is Peppermint.
Smart Industry Consortium NWO

Optimizing industrial applications with algorithms and methods

Over the next four years, a consortium of academic and industrial partners, led by JADS and TU/e, will be collaborating to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) toolkit, consisting of algorithms and methods, for industrial applications.
MKB Datalab

Better personnel planning based on weather expectations

For Bakery Royal, students from JADS MKB Datalab worked out a data model that predicts the influence of weather conditions on turnover, and on personnel planning.
Crime and Safety EngD

Successfully tackling money laundering with data science

JADS, together with Van Lanschot, developed an approach to tackle money laundering using data science
Naturalis biodiversity
AgriFood & Nature

Working together to preserve biodiversity at Naturalis

Naturalis Biodiversity Center and JADS are using data science and artificial intelligence for joint research. The goal: preservation of global biodiversity.
recommender EngD

Developing a recommender app for de Efteling

A EngD trainee from JADS helped de Efteling develop a recommender app. Thanks to this app, Efteling will be able to better distribute its visitor flows throughout the park.
MKB Datalab Sensors

Analyzing visitor patterns in Het Noordbrabants Museum

During the Van Goghs Intimi exhibition in Het Noordbrabants Museum, JADS conducted a unique experiment that provides insight into the movement and behavioral patterns of visitors to the exhibition - inside and outside the gates of the museum.
nature and data science
EngD AgriFood PhD

Meeting the demand for data professionals in the AgriFood sector

FARM-IT focusses on meeting the demand for data savvy professionals in the agri-food sector. JADS is involved in FARM IT through a minor agri-food, e-learning, professional education, collaborations

Developing technologies that allow AI to be used in a responsible way

The upsurge in AI and machine learning technologies offers an enormous potential to develop predictive tools for industry. The overall objective of the AI-lab is to facilitate the use of modern AI technology by industry in a responsible way.

Finding the unknown

Helping people by recommending the unknown​. Most recommender systems - also those used by such giants as Google and Spotify - a…
EngD AgriFood PhD

Making SMEs in the AgriFood domain data savvy

As part of the " Regio Deal Noordoost Brabant" project, researchers and students in co-operation with entrepreneurs are developing facilities to make SMEs in the AgriFood domain data-savvy.
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Group 6
Group 7