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Smarter screening for breast cancer

Stichting Yvya, together with EarlyWarningScan bv, is working with JADS to develop a new method of breast cancer screening that can also be used with young women, as opposed to mammography where screening is only possible for women after menopause.

Streamlining sales for MEG using Natural Language Processing

MEG's ambition was to speed up the sales process (customer request to final quote) by making their extensive product inventory more organized and transparent. The sales process could take up to 2 weeks due to the size and product preferences of the request, whereas MEG would like to give the customer a relevant offer right away.

Automating Breast cancer treatment planning

For her Master thesis Renée van Erp researched how the process of creating dose treatment plans for locally advanced left-sided breast cancer patients could be automated to be more efficient and less time consuming.
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