VIA ensures safer traffic with the help of the MKB Datalab

VIA ensures safer traffic with the help of the MKB Datalab

VIA is an ICT agency that offers insights into traffic safety (statistics) through its own software. This includes, for example, the number of accidents, the speeds driven and more. By making these statistics clear, VIA hopes to contribute to road safety and aims to make this as cost-effective as possible. The MKB Datalab has helped VIA with this by developing an algorithm together.

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The challenge

VIA strives to create a road safety blueprint for every municipality. In this way, improvement or deterioration of road safety can be mapped out, and action can be taken where necessary.

The current platform of VIA already showed cross-sections of road safety situations, only displaying more specific information about accidents proved difficult. Due to the large amount of information involved in an accident, such as the vehicles involved, the time of day, the road type, etc., it was not easy to display this at a glance.

During an inspiration session of the MKB Datalab, Giedo Donkers of VIA came into contact. “We wanted to get started with Data Science and road safety, but we lacked the knowledge and techniques.” During an intake session, VIA’s wishes were examined and it was assessed whether the data supplied was suitable for use.

The results

Due to the big-sized datasets supplied by VIA, the MKB Datalab had to use cloud computing to make calculations. Thanks to these fast computers, it was possible to develop an algorithm that maps out road safety for each municipality.

In the space of a year, the MKB Datalab and VIA have succeeded in developing and improving the clustering algorithm by carrying out various projects. The algorithm has now been implemented in VIA’s software and the projects have been presented at the National Road Safety Congress. VIA has also recently used the algorithm to investigate the impact of COVID-19 on various types of accidents. This showed that there has been an increase in the number of accidents involving vulnerable means of transport (pedestrians, cyclists).


“Without major investments, we were able to get started with new techniques. Thanks to the algorithm, our customers will soon be able to proactively increase road safety in their region.” Giedo Donkers – VIA Read more
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