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Understanding customer journey & advertising channels

MonkeyMoves is a franchise organization that teaches children through sports activities to exercise well. This promotes good health in children and enhances both their school performance and social skills.

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The challenge

Monkey Moves’ goal was to gain more insight into the customer journey of their customers, conversion rates and thus the costs and benefits of the advertising channels usedCentral questions were “how do parents get to know us?” and “how many subscribers buy web products?”. These insights – at both global and franchise level – allow MonkeyMoves to optimize their business processes. 

What we did

We have broken down this big ambition into three projects: 

  1. Preparing the data, 
  1. Developing the dashboards, 
  1. Integrating the dashboards and automating the process. 

At the end of the project, we delivered dashboards of the customer journey and of the costs and benefits per advertising channel. 

The result

We delivered several dashboards. The customer journey dashboard shows which processes customers go through on the website, which are the most common paths within the website, and also where visitors drop out or convert to paying customers. In addition, a dashboard was delivered that provides insight into the costs and benefits of the various advertising channels Monkey Moves uses, such as the cost per click to the website and conversion rates. In the process, the dashboards were also made accessible to franchise members in regional form. Both the data preparation and the dashboarding are integrated within the used automation platform of Zapier. Documentation was delivered regarding the content of the dashboard, the data structure, choices made in the development process, and potential next steps.

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