Improving Datacation's business model from a service-oriented perspective

Assessing and improving service offerings

Our Data-driven Service Innovation (DDSI) course challenged a class of motivated JADS students to assess and improve the current service offerings and business model of our industry partner, Datacation, using the knowledge they learned in class.

Mutually beneficial relationship

Through hands-on experience with real-world business problems and data science assignments using real-world datasets, students gained valuable insights that can inform Datacation’s practices and future business model development. This collaboration creates potential opportunities for a more extensive partnership, while providing value to our industry partner. Overall, the course fosters a mutually beneficial relationship between JADS and Datacation.

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The challenge

For businesses of all sizes and industries, innovation is a crucial component for survival – a challenge that can often be complex. In our DDSI course, students are tasked with enhancing Datacation’s services and business model. They employ tools and techniques from the course, along with a real-world dataset from Datacation. This enables students to gain insights on improving Datacation’s market position and make suitable recommendations.

What we did

Through collaboration with Datacation, students worked on real-world datasets and business challenges, applying their theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios. They interacted with Datacation’s founder and data scientists, gaining valuable firsthand experience. Feedback from Datacation helped develop better solutions, benefiting both the company and the students.

The result

Our Data-driven Service Innovation course provided students with valuable hands-on experience. But the benefits don’t end there. Datacation benefits from having a class of talented students work on their business and data challenges.

The solutions generated by the students can provide insights into Datacation’s current practices and future business model development. This partnership also increases the students’ awareness of Datacation, creating potential opportunities for future collaboration such as internships, employment, and Master’s theses.

By participating in our course, students gained practical experience while also providing value to our industry partner. This mutually beneficial collaboration allows for knowledge exchange and can lead to future opportunities for both parties.

It is great that the cooperation continues; three MSc thesis graduates from the JADS are starting at Datacation in September, where they will elaborate on the new business ideas we have come up with in the course

Ralf Zoetekouw - Datacation

Collaborating with JADS has given us new ideas to productize our services. IT nerds with social personality, that is our Datacation DNA; the combination of technical and business knowledge of the JADS students fits that perfectly! Read more
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Fatemeh Hashemi - JADS student

The Datacation team possesses a wide range of experiences and a strong enthusiasm for resolving data science challenges, leading to more fruitful discussions and a plethora of innovative solutions. Their inclusion of a practical... Read more
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Luuk Jacobs - JADS Student

Datacation showed to be eager to learn how students view their business and they really see the value in our work. That made the collaboration great since they were easy to talk to and they really listened. Moreover, the best thing is... Read more
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About Datacation

Datacation is an enthusiastic team of Econometricians and Data Scientists. By using big data, mathematical models and the latest algorithms, they support organizations in creating substantial and long-term value to help them become even more successful.

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