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Optimized calendar and caseload

Psychologenpraktijk Timmers is is a practice that has been providing support to both parents and children for over 40 years.

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The challenge

Psychologenpraktijk Timmers had the issue of large fluctuations in the workload, or caseload, of the psychologists. As a result, the capacity of the staff – the number of available hours – was not being utilized optimally. The reason is that there was a fixed pattern of intakes in one period and then only treatment trajectories, without overlap. In addition, within a treatment trajectory, sometimes several psychologists had to be assigned to an appointment together. For the receptionist a complex and time-intensive puzzle to put together, but for a computer an ideal optimization question.

What we did

Within this optimization project, a data-driven solution was used to work toward smart scheduling that should make the caseload per psychologist more constant. A student from MKB Datalab developed an application with a user-friendly interface that the front desk can use to efficiently schedule appointments.

The result

The developed application provides an optimal schedule layout for a specific treatment program and the indicated individuals. This program can then be further adjusted by the receptionist if necessary (for example, because an employee’s vacation had not yet been put into the system). Because the application was developed in collaboration with the receptionists who would be using it; it fit seamlessly with their work. The psychologists now experience less fluctuation in their caseload; which makes working a lot more pleasant. Extensive documentation regarding the use of the application was also delivered.

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Why collaborate with JADS MKB Datalab?

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