Driving business value with AI - joint program together with TIAS

Founding universities
Duration 5 days + return afternoon
Study load per day 8 hour class, 1 hour prep
Starting date 8 October 2024
Language Dutch
College hours 09.00 - 17.00
Costs € 5.500 (tax exempt)
College location JADS campus, 's-Hertogenbosch

Unleash limitless growth potential for your organization with AI

Ready for a program that not only expands your knowledge, but actually transforms your thinking? Together with TIAS, School for Business & Society, we offer the Advanced program Driving Business Value with AI. And we go beyond theoretical concepts! Together, we immerse you in real business scenarios where AI and data analytics are driving ground-breaking decisions. Through thought-provoking guest speakers, lively discussions and stunning real-life examples, we bring the world of artificial intelligence to life.

Discover how AI is transforming business strategies, data governance and leadership, and learn from leading organizations that have increased their business value through smart use of AI. This program provides the tools and insights needed to seamlessly integrate AI and add value to your organization.

Key learning objectives

  • Understanding the prerequisites for deploying AI and data analytics in your organization.
  • Discovering new ways to integrate AI into your business strategies and operations to unlock growth potential.
  • Rethinking your company’s value propositions to generate new revenue streams by connecting AI to organizational goals.
  • Redesign organizational systems, processes and roles to enable the successful application of AI.
  • Ensuring an ethical approach to AI and managing inherent risks.

Admission requirements

We aim for participant groups where there is a lot of talent, experience and potential. That is why we use entry requirements. In this way, we guarantee top-level education.

We ask:

  • A completed college or university degree.
  • At least 5 years’ work experience.

Make your organization work smarter, faster and better responsibly

Organizations face fast-changing opportunities and threats. Markets are constantly changing and laws and regulations are getting increasingly worse. Here, understanding and developing a solid data governance and AI strategy is crucial. To continue generating value, organizations need to keep innovating. You will therefore learn not only how to apply AI in your organization, but also how to foster a culture of innovation and ethical AI use.

Ideal for

Participants in this program are mainly:

  • Decision-makers who want to set the direction of AI, data analytics and digital transformation strategies within their organisations, such as Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), Chief Digital Officers (CDOs), Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Commercial Directors.
  • Strategic professionals in various disciplines such as product management, digital technology, marketing, supply chain or talent management, who want to know how to leverage these technologies for maximum impact: for example, Data Scientists, Product Managers, (Digital) Marketers, Supply-Chain professionals and Talent Development Managers.
  • Forward-thinking professionals who want to make the leap to an AI-driven digital business model, whether you are a Business Development Manager, Innovation Manager, Marketing Manager, Business Unit Manager or IT Manager.
  • Government officials involved in developing policies and strategies to meet the challenges of AI, including privacy and security, and to improve service delivery. These include Head of Policy Development and Head of IT security.

How to apply?

The ‘Driving business value with AI’ program is a joint effort between TIAS – School for Business & Society and Jheronimus Academy of Data Science. The application and admission procedure is exclusively through TIAS. The full step-by-step plan can be found on their website. After enrolling at TIAS, you are automatically enrolled at JADS and have access to the facilities at the Mariënburg campus in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Visit the TIAS website now

Program outline

Five days, an online Q&A and a return afternoon are part of this program:

Day 1: Disruption and the unknown possibilities of AI

The first day is dedicated to exploring the revolutionary power of AI and machine learning.

Day 2: From data to value with the right foundation

Discover how to turn data into value creation and long-term success by implementing a strong data governance strategy.

Day 3: The route to AI-driven business transformation

This day is all about understanding where, when and how AI can deliver value for your organization. Learn about the specific applications, challenges and implications of AI in both the private and public sectors.

Online session: Reflection, Q&A and your own AI kickstart plan

During this online session, we meet to review the first three days of the program and reflect on the knowledge applied in practice.

Day 4: Successful AI implementation in action

A smart strategy for AI implementation is just the beginning. How do you include the whole organization in the AI journey, and when is it time to build, buy in or collaborate yourself?

Day 5: Ethical use of AI

Design ethical AI applications together in an interactive game, based on the ethical principles established by the European Union.

Afternoon: return afternoon Reflection & deepening

The final day focuses on reflection, where you look back on the journey you have taken during the program and how you have applied the concepts and strategies you have learned.

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Discover the full program on the website of  TIAS – School for Business and society!


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Location of lectures: Mariënburg campus in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

The Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) is a unique concept in the Netherlands. At our beautiful Mariënburg Campus, Data Science & AI can be studied, researched and applied through undergraduate and graduate programmes, EngD education, Data Science Centres and incorporated into existing ecosystems. Get a taste of the inspiration and atmosphere of your next study location!

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