Government Community

Duration 7 Months
Weekly workload 8 hours (class) + 8 hours (preparation)
Start date May 13, 2022
Tuition fee 7,500 VAT exempt

Data Science for government professionals

Are you working in local, regional or central governement? Consider the Data Science for Professionals program at JADS for a boost or switch in your career. The program includes specific lectures and challenges for people working in Public Services.

Impact with Data Science in your community?

Especially in Government services, where situations and processes are changing due to both public, political and managerial needs and regulations, it’s important to benefit from data to learn about the latest insights and apply these insights in decision making. Successful examples are a.o.: descriptive and predictive analytics, machine learning and text mining.

What does JADS offer in the Government community

Next to the regular curriculum, in which data analytics, data engineering and data domain knowledge are being covered, several specifics for government are included such as:

During the Execute part:

  • A team challenge (5 weeks, part time) to solve a data challenge in the local, regional or central government community, guided by an experienced practitioner.
  • You will be able to take part in specific lectures suchs as Data Driven Business Concepts, Smart and Predictive Maintenance, Text Mining and NLP, Data Driven Service Integration.

During the Lead part:

  • You will be challenged to select your own Graduation Project, in your company or industry/community, and work together in a buddy team, with people with the same interest.
  • You will be coached by a practitioner from your own industry/community.

What type of Government projects can you think of?

During the last 2 years, more than 40 Government Professionals took part in one of the certified Professional Education programs at JADS (20+ weeks). Graduation project topics included themes like:

  • How to use satelite images to measure the development and impact of subsidized agricultural projects worldwide.
  • How to analyze reports from educational institutes to discover mismatches between allowed and realized payments.
  • How to develop cross domain cockpits for local government issues.

Teaching in Covid times …

We’ve created a welcoming and warm online teaching environment, which we use as long as the covid situation prevents classroom teaching. Instructors and teaching technologies are adjusted to online teaching. We miss the friendly and inspirational atmosphere of our historic campus, but the teaching effectiveness of online course matches that of classroom teaching!

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