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Blenddata Workshop

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Date 14 Feb 2023
Time 12:30 to 13:30
Location JADS Mariënburg, Refter

Writing better code with no effort: the power of code linters and testing!

“Hello fellow developers! Are you tired of working on messy and unorganized codebases? Do you want to learn how to write clean and maintainable code that is easy to read and understand? If so, you’re in the right place. In this masterclass consisting of two sessions, we will explore the principles and tools of clean code, including the use of code linters and the Black code formatter. We will also shortly be touching upon code-testing and the importance of this!  We will learn how these tools can help you enforce good coding practices and avoid common pitfalls, leading to more consistent and reliable code. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, these  classes have something for you. So join us and let’s learn together how to write clean code that will make us proud!

The first session will mainly go into the theoretical background on the need for good quality code in day-to-day operations working at a company. We will show you what tools are out there to assist you in becoming a true advocate of the clean code principle.

The second session will be more hands-on; we will introduce you to the tools in a more practical session and we will show you how to apply these tools to your own project!”

About Blenddata:

“We are Blenddata, Started in 2021 and founded by (former) JADS students, we are a young future-oriented data-engineering agency with a communicative mindset. We like to work in a transparent, informal, and accessible manner. These values are the key drivers of our company and enable us to listen and understand the problems we are solving. We take away the frustration for the business analysts, data scientists or AI experts, and we give them the power to reveal insights hidden in the data.

We love the power of clean code and test-driven development, and we like to use this in our day-to-day operations at our customers. We love to teach you how we do this, and how you can already start learning today!”

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