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Fuckup Night: learning from your mistakes

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Date 25 Nov 2021
Time 16:30 to 19:30
Location Barkade, ’s Hertogenbosch

Fuckup Night: learning from your mistakes

Attention all students, startups and entrepreneurs: fun event around the corner! Data DeltaGrasso – Space for Digital Minds and JADS Playground are organising Fuckup Night: 25 Nov 16h30 – 19h30 (Barkade, ’s Hertogenbosch)

Social media are full of successful stories, big achievements, and grant moments. Everyone is the best and the world should know. And yet we believe that you learn more and can have a deeper conversation if you do just the opposite: talk about your failures and what you learned from it. So this evening is all about learning from, stories of the business that crashed and burned, the partnership deal that went sour, the product that had to be recalled, or the elevator pitch that went completely wrong.

To keep things fun and informal, you can ‘kill’ each other with a game of Air hockey, Karaoke, Speed soccer or Pacman at the Barkade in Den Bosch. We provide drinks and snacks, you provide your fuckup story and game skills. See you there!


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