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Human Centered AI

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Date 26 Oct 2021
Time 14:30 to 17:00
Location Online

IT Circle Nederland and JADS present: Human Centered AI

Data and data technology have become an integral part of anything we do and helps us in many ways. In our work, during study, on the road, in fact throughout our daily lives. Data technology makes things easier, more accessible, faster, we make fewer mistakes. We also increasingly trust that the data we use and/or produce is correct.

? How do we actually deal with this as human beings?
? What does data do for us and should we be afraid that we will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence or does it
complement us?
? What is the Human-Centered approach, what should we pay attention to?
? Where are the opportunities and threats?
? What is Hybrid Intelligence and how do we safeguard that human beings are optimally supported and
augmented by AI-based technology?

IT Circle Nederland and Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) will organise a webinar about these topics. The discussions will be presiding by Prof. Emile Aarts, associated with JADS and Dutch AI Coalition and will be broadcasted from JADS Mariënburg Campus in Den Bosch. After the opening you can make a choice for breakout sessions in which we discuss several topics within the themes: Legal/Ethical Frameworks and Practices in the industry. Join us (online) to be informed and updated about Human centered AI

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