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JADS Community Event: Making your Supply Chain Triple-R with Data & AI

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Date 28 Mar 2024
Time 15:00 to 18:30
Location JADS Mariënburg

Making your Supply Chain Triple-R with Data & AI

JADS Community Events are a unique opportunity to:

  • Learn how organizations that face transition challenges use AI and data driven technologies to their advantage
  • Network with peers, researchers and leading businesses.
  • Focus on how to make impact through the combination of academia and industry.
  • Learn universal lessons from specific subjects and themes

This edition focuses on making your supply chain Triple-R with Data & AI.

Be inspired by the keynote from ASML and two breakouts that show how science and business can benefit from each other.

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Making supply chains future proof

Business is more connected than ever. But supply chain disruptions have become a new norm. Extreme weather events, global pandemics and geopolitical tensions are testing the limits of companies’ adaptability and efficiency. A supply chain that is not just functional but Responsive, Resilient, is critical to maintaining a competitive edge.

Introducing the Triple-R Supply Chain Model – the cornerstone of future-proof businesses. But how can organizations transition to this model? And more importantly, how can the advancements in Data Science and powerful AI algorithms assist you in this transformation? In this JADS Community Event, key players in industry and research will show you how technology can facilitate the Triple R supply chain.

Join us for a unique opportunity to network with peers, researchers and leading businesses, gaining actionable insights and making connections that can help shape the future of your business operations.


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15.00 Doors open
15.30 Welcome by Sandra van den Poll and Arjan Haring
15.40 Keynote by Jos van Hillegersberg – Academic Director JADS and Maarten Hendriks – Head of Planning & Delivery Strategy at ASML
16.20 Breakouts: Restretch Supply Chain Stress Testing (with JADS and Vos Logistics) & Supply Chain Security (with Tidal Control and University of Twente)
17.15 Networking drinks
18.30 End

Keynote: Jos van Hillegersberg

Jos van Hillegersberg

Jos van Hillegersberg, an acclaimed information systems and data science expert, currently serves as JADS’ academic director. He also holds a professorship at the University of Twente, focusing on innovative ICT solutions for supply chain systems and dynamic network organizations. With over three decades of experience, he bridges the gap between research and practical implementation, having played key roles in national initiatives like TKI Dinalog and the Transition to Sustainable Mobility program. He is an active speaker and author, contributing extensively to the field through lectures, publications, and mentorship. Additionally, he advises startups and serves on advisory boards in the IT and business sectors.




Keynote: Maarten Hendriks

Within ASML in general and the Planning & Delivery department specifically some explorative, but promising studies take place within the field of Artificial Intelligence. In this talk Maarten will share i) specific challenges the business is facing and ii) some first solution directions which are being built in a proof of concept. We look for an open discussion and welcome to receive ideas for further research on the matters.

About Maarten Hendriks

Maarten Hendriks is Head of Planning & Delivery Strategy at ASML. His department focusses on defining strategies for decision making on all planning levels, often supported by tooling like mathematical programming and heuristics. Before his 6 years at ASML, Maarten worked for Quintiq Applications for 10 years in various roles. Maarten holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics and a Master in Mechanical Engineering from TU/e and is lecturer of a Master course at the Econometrics and Operations Research Department of TiU.

Breakout 1: RESTRETCH: REverse STREss Testing Supply CHains

Speakers: Frank Verhoeven (Vos Logistics) and Rogier Brussee (JADS)

In today’s volatile world, resilience is paramount in supply chain management. The Restretch program introduces innovative modeling and data-driven methods for reverse stress testing supply chains and stakeholders. Drawing from financial sector practices, we identify critical failure points within supply chains, fortifying them against potential disruptions. Leveraging process mining techniques, we map out processes, pinpoint bottlenecks, and optimize resources. Discover how data-driven strategies enhance supply chain resilience, mitigate risks, and ensure business continuity. Don’t miss the opportunity to revolutionize your supply chain at the JADS Community Event.

Breakout 2: Fortifying Digital Supply Chains: Strategies for Data Driven Security and Resilience

Speakers: Dennis van der Wiel (Tidal Control) en Dr.Abhishta Abhishta (University of Twente)

In this session, we discuss the importance of digitally securing supply chains, which these days is a vital concern for businesses integrating IT solutions, particularly by the use of cloud technologies. We share real-world examples of how digital supply chains have adapted to maintain resilience against disruptions, such as geopolitical conflicts exemplified by the Russia-Ukraine situation. Our discussion will address leveraging big data to understand and predict organisational reactions to security threats, tackling the challenge of information asymmetry between the security needs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the intelligence available to security providers. We present a case of cooperative and strategic approaches to data collection on vulnerabilities within supply chains.

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