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Ladies of Data 2021

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Date 15 Apr 2021
Time 14:00 to 16:30
Location Online and High Tech Campus
Speakers Yingqian Zhang, Nikki Joon & Ksenia Podoynitsyna

Ladies of Data 2021

An inclusive data driven conversation

Be welcome to the second edition of Ladies of Data! An inclusive event for everyone who is interested in data science & diversity.

In the keynotes, be inspired by successful women in data science, the lessons they learned and their unique perspectives. Join our breakout sessions – hosted by a diverse set of speakers and moderators – for discussions about current hot topics in data science and AI.

Join us live!

Theme: The Platform Economy

Platforms generate enormous amount of data. More than half of top-10 greatest capitalization companies in the world are platform-based, which was not the case some 10-15 years ago. In the meanwhile, the companies become increasingly aware of the advantages and dangers of the platform economy, and dynamics of competition have changed dramatically.

This event will focus on the new reality and how data science methods contribute to doing business in the platform economy.


14.00 Opening by Chairman of the Day Bas van Leeuwen with HTC and JADS
14.15 Keynote #1: Yingqian Zhang (TU/e)
14.45 Breakout sessions
15.45 Welcome back by Chairman of the Day
15.55 Keynote #2: Nikki Joon (Adyen)
16.20 Wrap up
16.30 End of event

Keynote #1: Yingqian Zhang – Shaping responsible digital platforms

Digital platforms are powerful tools to connect heterogeneous players, facilitate collaboration, and realize business values. However, many platform designs fail to incorporate different players’ interests and benefits, leading to manipulation, zero-trust, and sub-optimal social value.  AI, especially multi-agent systems and machine learning, provide effective techniques in designing social-aware platforms. In this talk, I will use a few examples to demonstrate how we can increase societal values for platform economy through responsible design with fair allocation policies in task and resource sharing platforms.

About Yingqian Zhang

Dr. Yingqian Zhang is an associate professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences at TU Eindhoven. Her research focus is on AI methods for decision-making with data and social value. She has received several best paper awards on this line of research. She also works closely with industrial partners to realize the value of data and AI in various application areas through several EU and national-funded projects. She is on the board of BNVKI (Benelux Association for Artificial Intelligence).

Keynote #2: Nikki Joon – Data-driven approach of Adyen

Nikki will talk about the scalability of the Adyen platform, and how the company maintains a data-driven approach to helping its merchants make the right business decisions. The trends she sees in the wider payment space is the increasing importance of omnichannel solutions, and how payments are becoming a strategic driver for merchants across all sizes – via platforms and partner ecosystems.

About Nikki Joon

Nikki has started and grown her career on the commercial side of business – how to sell, how to build commercial processes, and scaling operations. As an entrepreneurial team player, who thrives when solving both strategic and operational problems, she has naturally grown into a product management role at Adyen.

Breakout sessions

In the breakout sessions, hot topics about data science & AI will be discussed.

1. ‘When does AI go too far?’ by Esther Keymolen and Eric Postma, moderated by Fabian Kok.
2. ‘Creative tricks when working with data’ by Frederique van Leeuwen & Maurits Kaptein, moderated by Noelle Cicilia.
3. ‘Data science methods for creating, scaling and managing platforms’ by Ksenia Podoynitsyna & Sven van Egmond, moderator Bas van Leeuwen & Naomi Moonen

Breakout 1

When does AI go too far?

by Esther Keymolen and Eric Postma, moderated by Fabian Kok.

Descriminating facial recognition, hiring applications that are biased against women, a trading algorithm causing a market “flash crash”,… It increasingly becomes clear that AI is not just making the world a better place. AI developments challenge fundamental rights such as the right to privacy and human dignity. AI also forces us to rethink key democratic values such as transparency and fairness. In this breakout session, prof. Eric Postma and dr. Esther Keymolen will discuss what they believe to be the main bottlenecks and fruitful avenues towards developing trustworthy AI. Is it predominantly a technical issue which can be solved by further improving the technology? Should we rethink the role and responsibilities of data scientists and AI specialists? Or is it a matter of coming up with better regulatory tools?

Breakout 2

Creative tricks when working with data

by Frederique van Leeuwen & Maurits Kaptein, moderated by Noelle Cicilia.

Data is the new gold! Or not? An unlimited amount of data is generated every day, but like gold, data collected in isolation has no value. It is only valuable when gathered correctly and interpreted accurately. The journey from gathering data to the use and understanding of data, may impose many challenges. In this breakout session, Frederique and Maurits provide creative tricks and tips for potential challenges encountered during the data journey. They focus on five key stages: data collection, data pre-processing, model building, visualization and interpretation, and model deployment. What are the challenges you face during this process? How do you turn the data into valuable knowledge?

Breakout 3

Data science methods for creating, scaling and managing platforms

by Ksenia Podoynitsyna & Sven van Egmond, moderator Bas van Leeuwen & Naomi Moonen

Creating, scaling and managing platforms can be very tricky. This discussion session focusses on the challenges various organizations can experience when dealing with platforms. For example, which side of the platform should be subsidized and how should the other side be charged? How do network effects impact the functioning of platforms? Can launching a platform be a viable option for an SME? How to make sure the users not only get information from a platform but also place transactions on it? What should be the policy perspective on platforms?

Questions and challenges from audience are explicitly encouraged.

Breakout session speakers

Sven van Egmond

Sven has a track record in the field of B2B marketing and decided at the age of 45 (no coincidence) to switch careers, backed by Marieke and DPG Media. After graduating from the professional program at JADS he started in 2020 as Data Lead for DPG Media. With a great team of data minded people he is building the data-network as a foundation for future growth.

Maurits Kaptein

Prof. dr. Maurits Kaptein is CEO and co-founder of Scailable ( and a professor of data science at the University of Tilburg and at JADS Den Bosch. Maurits his research work focusses on sequential learning (MAB problems), causal inference, and computational methods with application in health and marketing. Scailable aims to make the deployment of trained AI/ML models to embedded devices easy and secure.

Frederique van Leeuwen

Frederique is a 4th year PhD student at JADS and also organizer of both Ladies of Data events. Her research focus is on time series data mining with application in vehicle sensor data. According to her, it is great to be a PhD-student at JADS, as it is a place where researchers, data science students, start-ups, scale-ups and experts of industry collaborate closely in developing cutting-edge real-world solutions.

Ksenia Podoynitsyna

Dr. Ksenia Podoynitsyna is Associate Professor of Data-Driven Entrepreneurship at JADS, the Joint Graduate School of Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology. She also serves as the Program Director for the master “Data Science and Entrepreneurship” and is the Data Entrepreneurship research unit head @ JADS. Her research focuses on the ways data allows to create and capture value through innovative business models, ecosystems and platforms.

Eric Postma

Eric Postma is professor Artificial Intelligence at JADS and at the Cognitive Science and AI department of Tilburg University. His recent work focuses on the study, evaluation and application of deep learning to signals and images. He considers the relation between AI and humans to be essential to its success.

Esther Keymolen

Esther Keymolen is an Associate Professor at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (Tilburg University). She has a background in philosophy of technology and postphenomenology. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in pop music. Her research focuses on the role of trust, trustworthiness and privacy in networked and smart environments.

Interview with co-organizer Ksenia Podoynitsyna

Want to know more about what inspired this event? Read the interview with co-organizer and speaker Ksenia Podoynitsyna, Associate Professor of Data-Driven Entrepreneurship at JADS.

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