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Ladies of Data 2024

Date 16 Apr 2024
Time 15:00 to 18:30
Location Mariënburg, 's-Hertogenbosch

An inclusive exploration of AI

At Ladies of Data 2024, we’ll delve into both the challenges of biases in AI and how AI can help reduce biases in society. As tasks once done by humans are now automated by AI, biases can slip through, leading to unfair decisions. Increased awareness of this issue is driving the development of fair and objective AI without inheriting human biases. We’ll discuss how AI can actively contribute to reducing biases, even in situations where human biases persist unconsciously.
Join us for an exploration of the challenges and solutions at the intersection of biases and AI, featuring a keynote presentation, interactive breakout sessions, a panel discussion and networking drinks to enhance your experience and engagement at Ladies of Data 2024.


Theme: Debiasing (with) AI

Can we make AI without our own biases? And how can AI be used to make more objective decisions in contexts where humans are still (unconsciously) biased in their choices? Ladies of Data 2024 is the place where we’re exploring these questions, bringing people together to figure out how AI can make decisions without playing favorites.

As we become more aware of the problems caused by biased AI, new methods are being created. We’ll look into these approaches, hoping to change how we think about artificial intelligence by making it fair and objective.

Our conversation isn’t just about problems; we’re also looking at solutions. How can AI not only get rid of biases but also make decisions more fairly, especially in situations where human biases are still there?

Come join us at Ladies of Data 2024 for an insightful journey into “Debiasing with AI.” Let’s untangle the complexities, share ideas, and work together. 

The program of Ladies of Data 2024

  • 14:30 Welcome coffee/tea
  • 15:00 Welcome in the Chapel and introduction to Ladies of Data
  • 15:15 Keynote by Meike Nauta
  • 15:45 Breakout sessions
  • 16:30 Mini-break
  • 16:45 Panel discussion with Meike Nauta, Rina Joosten, VIP guest, and Noëlle Cicilia
  • 17:30 Networking drinks

Partners of Ladies of Data 2024


Join one of our breakout sessions

Breakout session 1: Revolutionizing public sector communication with AI by Nadine Beks van Raaij | PNA Group

Discover the transformative power of AI in government communication at Nadine’s upcoming breakoutsession at Ladies of Data. In this session Nadine showcases a digital assistant’s role in simplifying complex government texts, making them more accessible to all, particularly those facing poverty and debt. Nadine Beks van Raaij will reveal how this innovation, through the use of AI models, contributes significantly to debiasing government communication, ensuring clarity and reducing misunderstandings. A must-attend for anyone interested in AI’s potential to revolutionize public sector communication.

Breakout session 2: The intersection of DEI and AI by Andreea Gorbatai | Vlerick Business School

Content to be announced

Breakout session 3: AI Biases in Business by Ikram Rhioui | Neople

Content to be announced


Keynote by Meike Nauta: Together towards responsible AI

This keynote will explore the realities of biases in data and AI. We trace the thread of potential biases through the entire AI process, from collection to application. Being aware of bias is already an important step, but we don’t stop there. Meike will highlight how AI can also be part of the solution. Emphasizing the role of explainable and interactive AI, she will show how AI can be used for debiasing. Collaboration between various users and AI is key here: together we can learn about existing biases in data, discuss what preferred behaviour should look like and develop debiasing strategies. Having a diverse team of developers and users is crucial to achieve more responsible, fair and unbiased AI systems. Let’s do this together!

About Meike

Meike Nauta is senior data scientist at Datacation in Eindhoven, and obtained her PhD on explainable AI and interpretable computer vision (cum laude) at the University of Twente in 2023. She is the keynote speaker.

About our speakers

Andreea Gorbatai

Andreea Gorbatai is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and the DEI Committee lead at Vlerick Business School. She holds a masters in Sociology and a PhD in Organizational Behaviour from Harvard University. Her work has been published in top academic and practitioner outlets such as Organization Science, American Journal of Sociology and Harvard Business Review, and is concerned with the impact of technology and new forms of organizing on discrimination and inequality in markets and organizations.

Nadine Beks van Raaij

Nadine Beks van Raaij is a Data Scientist at PNA group and a JADS alumna since last summer. Her passion lies in using data science to create real-world impacts, as demonstrated in her master's thesis on simplifying complex texts with machine learning. Her journey in data science began during her bachelor’s degree and continued through her master's. At JADS, She gained unique experiences, ranging from being a member of the drink committee to working as a freelance data scientist. This led to a career at PNA Group, where seh implement her thesis findings and engaged in more exciting projects. She plans to continue making a difference in her field while enjoying the (ski) ride!

Ikram Rhioui

Ikram is head of UX at Neople where she’s ‘coaching’ AI-powered, digital colleagues (Neople) to be helpful members of human teams. Passionate about technology, psychology, and philosophy, she seeks to humanize innovation. Off-duty, she enjoys quiet outdoor moments with her family and dog, or unwinding with a book in a coffee shop.

About our Panel

Noëlle Cicilia

Noelle Cicilia is one of the co-founders of Brush AI, a responsible AI consultancy company established at JADS. Brush AI specializes in developing AI solutions for its clients, prioritizing a development process centered around data ethics. During her EngD in data science at JADS, Noelle focused on researching algorithmic fairness. As part of her research, she designed a visualization technique to clarify this mathematical concept to non-technical users.

Meike Nauta

Meike Nauta is senior data scientist at Datacation in Eindhoven, and obtained her PhD on explainable AI and interpretable computer vision (cum laude) at the University of Twente in 2023. She developed novel AI models that can be understood and adapted by humans, leading to publications at top AI venues and media coverage. She is among the national top 5 Women in AI Young Professionals, included in the tech talent list T500 and has won the ZEISS Women in IT award in 2022.

Rina Joosten - CEO Pera

Rina is CEO of Pera, a tech scale-up developing HR A.I. solutions to support companies to confidently invest in the right people. Pera was the first to use natural language processing to identify potential in people based on a digital interview. Rina is driven by creating meaningful human and social impact through technology. She advises the OECD in the field of A.I and the Future of Work and was one of the founders of the Taskforce A.I. in the Netherlands. She is recently appointed to the Supervisory Board of AINed, which supports companies and public institutions to take essential steps with AI and got hundreds of millions allocated as initial funding.

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