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Themabijeenkomst Preventieve Gezondheidszorg & Data

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Date 27 Feb 2024
Time 17:00 to 20:30
Location JADS Mariënburg

Health2Business hosts an enlightening event at JADS for their members, exploring the paradigm shift from curative to preventive healthcare. While curative medicine traditionally garners more funding, this event delves into the importance of preventive healthcare and the challenges it faces. With speakers Aarnout Brombacher, Professor in the domain of Data Analytics and Sports, Vitality and Well-being at JADS and Yama Saraj, economist, innovator, social entrepeneur, we discover how modern tools and techniques enable us to gather high-quality data on lifestyle interventions and their impact on health outcomes while respecting patient privacy. Gain insights into the complex evidence behind preventive medicine and learn how to navigate this new landscape effectively.

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