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Data Science Days: events connecting students and companies.

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Data Science Days foundation (DSD), an organization run by ambitious and motivated students, is all about linking students and companies in the world of data science. Through partnerships with JADS and Pattern, DSD organizes events like the Data Science Talent Fair, Start-up Night, and Experience Day. These events help students explore careers, learn from experts, and dive into data science.

What is the mission of DSD?

“At DSD, our mission is to bring students closer to companies, particularly in the data science domain. We aim to bridge the gap between talent and industry and create valuable connections in the field of data science.”

What makes the Data Science Days events unique in terms of career orientation for students?

“The Talent Fair stands out because it focuses on actual job and thesis opportunities, facilitating direct interaction between companies and students. During the Start-up Night, which is themed as the “f*ck up night” for the second time, we showcase that entrepreneurship is not easy but possible for everyone. Students learn from successful start-ups about their journey, their successes but also their mistakes. The Experience Day brings students closer to the data science field through practical cases, training sessions, and insights from professionals.”

An impression of the Data Science Experience Day 2023

How do these events expand students’ perspectives for their future in data science?

“By connecting students with companies, we expose them to the countless possibilities within the data science field. From job opportunities to entrepreneurship, these events broaden students’ horizons and help them envision their future in data science.”

How do companies benefit from participating in your events?

“The setting of the events really facilitates interaction. We create an open market environment, allowing students to freely engage with companies. Presentations, practical cases, and training sessions attract students, fostering a relaxed environment for meaningful interactions. This way we ensure that students get to know all participating companies. Many companies find valuable additions to their teams during our events. Students secure positions through thesis spots or actual jobs, while companies enhance their visibility in the data science community. It’s a win-win situation.”

How does the collaborate with JADS and Pattern contribute to the quality of the events?

“Collaborating with both Pattern, the data science study association, and JADS is essential to our success. Pattern provides the platform for students, while JADS, with its network and support, contributes to the quality of our events. Having JADS connected to us enhances our image and strengthens our ties with companies.”

What does the future hold for Stichting Data Science Days? Are there new initiatives or events in the planning?

“Our future plans include diversifying the range of companies at our events. We want to feature not only big names but also provide a platform for smaller companies.”

An impression of the Data Science Experience Day 2023

What long-term impact do you hope to have on both students and companies in the data science field?

“Our main aim is to build lasting relationships between companies and students, forming a network where everyone knows where they fit and can collaborate in the future. By making these connections happen, we want to make the data science community stronger and more inclusive, allowing both small and large companies to thrive and expand their horizons.”

Special offer

Wondering about getting involved in the events after reading this interview? The Talent Fair (TAF) is scheduled for June 10, 2024. DSD is excited to announce an early bird promotion offering a 15% discount on the total registration fee! Don’t miss out—this early bird offer for TAF ends on March 1, 2024. The Data Science Experience Day (DEX) will take place on October 2, 2024. The same early bird special applies to the DEX! Enjoy a 15% discount on the total registration fee. This offer ends on July 1, 2024. Contact or download the Partnership Booklet  for more info.

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