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Guest blog Max Roeters: “The Master provides you with your data-driven toolbelt”

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We would like to introduce you to Max Roeters, one of our Master students Data Science & Entrepreneuship. Max is currently in his second year and is one of the founders of LUX Data. In this guest blog Max gives his vision on the Master Data Science & Entrepreneurship.

The most valuable aspect about the Master Data Science & Entrepreneurship at JADS, besides the unique location, is how you are educated to become a versatile data expert that can really translate data to value. The program goes beyond simply learning data-driven methods and techniques, and focuses on how to put the acquired knowledge into practice to really make a positive impact. A broadly applicable data scientist should be able to transform business questions into technological terms, solve it and translate it back to business value, and JADS teaches you to do so. 

Real world challenges

One of the main differences with other master programs is that JADS prepares you well for this, for example through one of the practice-oriented “Data Science in Action” courses. Furthermore, the program integrates practical data-driven business questions into courses like Strategy & Business Models, Interactive & Explainable AI design or IP and Privacy, thereby mimicking real world challenges.

Extensive technical knowledge

However, this does not mean that the MDSE goes easy on technology: courses like Data Mining, Data Engineering and Social Network Analysis for Data Scientists provide you with everything that will be expected later on in your professional career. Additionally, the program can be individually tailored to personal preferences through one of the many electives, providing you with even more technical knowledge.

Great Community

JADS has much more to offer than a diverse curriculum; the unique venue combined with relatively small classes really makes you realize that you are working on something special. The teachers themselves are thoroughly committed to your career and easily approachable, even outside of regular class times. These factors create a pleasant community and network, even after completing your degree.

Data Science explained in the real world

Imagine that your supervisor gave you the task to build a house. Doing so is easier said than done, and consists of various disciplines: Building a strong and solid foundation, installing the electricity, bricklaying walls, etc. Each of these disciplines requires its own approach, tools and skills. If you want to be able to know that the house is built correctly, you need an understanding of all its aspects.

Data Science is no different, where problem solving consists of a variety of facets; you need to be able to translate a problem to data, solve the problem, and translate it back to a user-friendly solution. If you were to focus only on one aspect of data science, e.g. data analytics, you might find yourself unable to fully digest and solve a data-related business problem. JADS diverges from such an unidirectional view on Data Science, and offers courses related to four different disciplines:

  1. Data Engineering
  2. Data Analytics
  3. Data-driven Decision Making
  4. Data-driven Business Development

Doing so, the Master provides you with your data-driven toolbelt, consisting of the required tools, skills and knowledge to build that imaginary house. Through the four disciplines, you are educated to become a versatile and independent Data Scientist who is highly sought after by many different companies.

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